Projects Tagged infrastructure

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Climate Extremes: Aging Dams and Failure Impacts 4/1/18 3/31/20 Global
Developing Global Building Exposure for Disaster Forecasting, Mitigation and Response 9/1/12 12/31/13 Global
Development of National Disaster Risk Profiles for Sub-Saharan Africa 6/4/15 12/31/15 Africa
Development Plan of a Sustainable Water Management Plan for Sakyikrom, Ghana, Africa 1/1/06 12/31/07 Africa
Exposure Data Development for Africa Disaster Risk Financing Phase II 4/21/16 9/21/16 Africa
ICT in Education Impact Study 9/1/12 12/31/15 Africa
Infrastructure Development and Large-Scale Natural Resource Investments
Infrastructure Investments Tied to Large-Scale Agriculture Projects
Leveraging Mining-Related Infrastructure Investments for Development (Rails, Port, Power, Water and ICT) Africa
Model Districts in India: Request for 3 Additional Districts 7/1/11 6/30/16 Asia
National Infrastructure and Facility Inventory (NIFI) 1/1/14 6/15/15 Central America
Neighborhood Green Infrastructure: Planning for climate change adaptation in Harlem’s 125th Street corridor 1/1/08 12/31/10 North America
Papua New Guinea - Toward Development of a National Electricity Roll-Out Plan 7/12/13 12/31/13 Oceania
Population and Infrastructure on Our Human Planet: Supporting Sustainable Development through Improved Spatial Data and Models for Human Settlements, Infrastructure, and Population Distribution Based on Earth Observations 1/2/18 6/30/22 Global
Public Transport Advocacy for Nairobi 2/1/17 6/30/18 Africa
Quantifying the fundamental behavior of green roofs in an urban environment 7/1/09 6/30/13 North America
Resilience Accelerator 1/1/19 12/31/19
Resilient Mozambique 7/15/18 12/15/19 Africa
Resource for Infrastructure Deals Africa
Review of Legal Frameworks Governing Public-Private Partnerships
SRN: Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy and Livable Cities 8/21/15 7/31/20 Global
Stage 2: Developing Global Building Exposure for Disaster Forecasting, Mitigation and Response 8/22/14 8/21/17 Global
Sustainable Land Use and Transportation Planning for Rapidly Growing Cities 1/1/05 6/30/13 Africa
WSC-Category 3 Collaborative: America's Water-The Changing Landscape of Risk, Competing Demands and Climate 8/1/14 7/31/19 North America
CRISP Type 1: Protecting Coastal Infrastructure in a Changing Climate by Integrating Optimization Modeling and Stakeholder Observations 9/1/17 8/31/20 North America
Open Critical Infrastructure Exposure for Disaster Forecasting, Mitigation, and Response 7/1/19 6/30/20 Global
Collaborative Research: Frameworks: Internet of Samples: Toward an Interdisciplinary Cyberinfrastructure for Material Samples 8/15/20 7/31/24
Opportunities and Limits of CO2 Recycling in a Circular Carbon Economy: Techno-economics, Critical Infrastructure Needs, and Policy Priorities 5/4/21 Global