Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory seeks fundamental knowledge about the origin, evolution and future of the natural world. Its scientists study the planet from its deepest interior to the outer reaches of its atmosphere, on every continent and in every ocean, providing a rational basis for the difficult choices facing humanity.

Lamont is the scientific research heart of the Columbia Climate School, which was founded in 2020 to develop and inspire knowledge-based solutions and educate future leaders for just and prosperous societies on a healthy planet.

We are a dynamic community of 500 scientists, students, and staff, with nearly 300 PhD-level researchers, and 80-90 graduate students involved in research. Lamont also owns and operates a research ship, the Marcus G. Langseth, which uses seismic data to map the sub-seafloor, highlighting hidden faults and other earthquake hazards.

Since our founding in 1949, Lamont-Doherty has been a leader in the Earth sciences. Our scientists were the first to map the seafloor and develop a computer model that could predict an El Niño weather event, the first to provide concrete proof for the theory of plate tectonics, and to reveal the oceans’ role in triggering abrupt climate change.

With each year, our understanding of Earth improves. Yet new discoveries await us. It is that next insight on the horizon that keeps our researchers excited to learn more about how and why Earth changes as it does.

Our strategic plan deepens our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and outlines our way forward in a world with growing and urgent needs for science-informed solutions to the climate crisis.




Name Title Email
Williams, A. Adjunct Research Scientist
Samara, Aandishah Graduate Student
Putnam, Aaron Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Shaum, Abby Staff Associate II
Al-Maruf, Abdullah Fulbright Visiting Research Scientist
Prakash, Abhishek Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ibirogba, Abiola Graduate Student
Sobel, Adam Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Rolea, Adelina Graduate Student
Torfstein, Adi Adjunct Research Scientist
Goldberg, Aileen Talent Manager
Subramaniam, Ajit Lamont Research Professor
Garcia Lopez, Alan Graduate Student
Malinverno, Alberto Lamont Research Professor
Halliday , Alexander Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences; Founding Dean Emeritus of the Climate School
Parsells, Alexander Graduate Student
Chekalyuk, Alexander Adjunct Research Scientist
Van Geen, Alexander Lamont Research Professor
Strong, Alexander Systems Analyst/Programmer
Cristea-Platon, Alexandra Administrative Assistant
Balter, Alexandra Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kaplan, Alexey Lamont Associate Research Professor in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Keimowitz, Alison Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Franzese, Allison Adjunct Research Scientist
Wing, Allison Adjunct Research Scientist
Peccia, Ally Graduate Student
Fay, Amanda Senior Staff Associate
Paredes Santacruz, Andrea Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Bias
Felton Jordan, Andrea Program Manager
Thurnherr, Andreas Lamont Research Professor
Reinmann, Andrew Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Reed, Andrew Facilities Manager, Buildings & Grounds
Hollyday, Andrew Graduate Student
Lloyd, Andrew Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Juhl, Andrew Lamont Research Professor
Hoffman, Andrew Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Goodwillie, Andrew Data Systems Manager
Hallward-Driemeier, Andrew Research Staff Assistant
Hagemeier, Andrew Davis Graduate Student
Cortez, Anel Senior Project Officer
Cherpanath, Angel Director of Finance and Administration
LoPiccolo, Angela Facilities Engineer
Martin, Angela Administrative Assistant
Slagle, Angela Research Scientist
Cipriani, Anna Adjunct Research Scientist
Varjian, Anna Coordinator, Financial Services
Becel, Anne Lamont Associate Research Professor
Reeves, Anne Administrative Assistant
Leal, Annie Graduate Student
Johansson, Annika Senior Research Staff Assistant
Cheung, Anson Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Del Genio, Anthony Adjunct Professor
Deloatch, Antonio Driver, Traffic
Arellano, Apollonia Graduate Student
Gallanes, Arianna Associate Director of Annual Giving
Suriani, Arlene Administrative Assistant
Fiore, Arlene Professor
Gordon, Arnold Professor Emeritus
Lerner-Lam, Arthur Senior Advisor
Koutavas, Athanasios Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Chadwick, Austin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Hoenisch, Baerbel Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Yan, Beizhan Lamont Associate Research Professor
Holtzman, Ben Lamont Research Professor
Yang, Benjamin PhD Student
Acosta, Benjamin Research Staff Assistant
Bostick, Benjamin Lamont Research Professor
Cook, Benjamin Adjunct Research Scientist
Gaglioti, Benjamin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Slibeck, Bennett Graduate Student
Luz, Boaz Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Bonkowski, Bonnie Division Administrator
Linsley, Braddock Lamont Research Professor
Shuck, Brandon Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Warner, Breana Procurement Analyst
Crum, Breckenridge Chief Mate
Fridhandler, Brendan Driver, Traffic
Buckley, Brendan Lamont Research Professor
Reilly, Brendan Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Turrin, Brent Adjunct Research Scientist
Mailloux, Brian Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Boston, Brian Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Agee, Brian Marine Science Technician II, Office of Marine Operations
Vinueza, Brian Assistant Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds
Shalvey, Bridget Finance and Administrative Coordinator
Banerji, Brij Research Staff Assistant
Shaw, Bruce Lamont Research Professor
Huber, Bruce Retiree
Tremblay, Bruno Adjunct Research Scientist
Baird, C. Nicolas Graduate Student
Locke, Caitlin Graduate Student
Li, Camille Adjunct Research Scientist
Brenner, Carl Senior Staff Associate III
Cavaliere, Carmine Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds
Mountain, Carol Program Coordinator
Knudson, Carol Research Staff Assistant
Munoz-Saez, Carolina Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Juang, Caroline Graduate Student
Leland, Caroline Lecturer
Prince, Caroline Associate Director of Donor Relations
Witte, Carson Graduate Student
Brayton, Casey Graduate Student
Ivanovich, Catherine Graduate Student
Doherty, Cathleen Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Troutman, Cathy Assistant Manager, Safety, Security, Communications, and Custodial Operations
McHugh, Cecilia Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Pallone, Celeste Graduate Student
Grall, Celine Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Basak, Chandranath Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Bate, Charlotte Graduate Student
Zheng, Cheng Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wang, Chengcheng Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Lee, Chia-Ying Lamont Associate Research Professor
Mwinde, Chiza Research Staff Assistant
Seibert, Chloe Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rowan, Christian Graduate Student
Dermakardijian, Christine Administrative Assistant
McCarthy, Christine Lamont Associate Research Professor
Small, Christopher Lamont Research Professor
Zappa, Christopher Lamont Research Professor
Carchedi, Christopher Graduate Student
Scholz, Christopher Special Research Scientist
Nelson, Claire Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Jasper, Claire Graduate Student
Chang, Clara Graduate Student
Randolph, Clare Graduate Student
Singer, Clare Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Giulivi, Claudia Senior Staff Associate II
Bahlau, Cody Science Officer, Office of Marine Operations
Randel, Cody Research Staff Assistant
Conroy, Colton Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Bacon, Conor Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Class, Cornelia Lamont Associate Research Professor
Li, Cuihua Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
Chen, Dake Special Research Scientist
Abbott, Dallas Adjunct Research Scientist
Chaky, Damon Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Raiter, Dana Graduate Student
Wei, Dandan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bader, Daniel Computer Programmer/Analyst B
Babin, Daniel Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Walsh, Daniel Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Quoidbach, Daniel Procurement Coordinator, Office of Marine Operations
Westervelt, Daniel Lamont Associate Research Professor
Henze, Daven Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Goldberg, David Deputy Director; Paros Lamont Research Professor in Climate Science Research and Carbon Management; Associate Director
Porter, David Associate Research Scientist
Schaff, David Lamont Associate Research Professor
Ho, David Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Wolford, David Chief Mate
Lentrichia, David Senior Staff Associate
Walker, David Higgins Professor Emeritus
Pearce, Dean Director of Capital Planning & Facilities Strategy
Rousseau, Denis-Didier Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Kent, Dennis Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Ebel, Denton Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Balwada, Dhruv Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Shillington, Donna Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Peteet, Dorothy Adjunct Professor
Davis, Dylan Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Climate
Cook, Edward Ewing Lamont Research Professor
Lev, Einat Lamont Associate Research Professor
Case, Elizabeth Graduate Student
Chamberlain, Elizabeth Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Follansbee, Emily Graduate Student
Glazer, Emily Graduate Student
Rainforth, Emma Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Bonatti, Enrico Special Research Scientist
Beaucé, Eric Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Soto, Eric Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds
Malikowski, Eric Senior Unix System Engineer
Black, Erin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Maybach, Erin Graduate Student
Powell, Evelyn Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Hosseini Narouei, Farideh Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Waldhauser, Felix Lamont Research Professor
Jiang, Feng Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Clerc, Fiona Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kolawole, Folarin Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Nitsche, Frank Senior Research Scientist
DeLeon, Frankely Senior Financial Analyst
Weinstein, Gabriel Graduate Student
McKinley, Galen Professor
Raheja, Garima Graduate Student
Dermakardijian, Gary Procurement Coordinator
Zellmer, Georg Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Milly, George Programmer Analyst
Harlow, George Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Okoko, George Graduate Student
Cereno, George Bosun
Denton, George Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Lu, George Graduate Student
Butler, Gerald Chief Engineer
Rustic, Gerald Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Reverdin, Gilles Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Guérin, Gilles Research Scientist
Winckler, Gisela Lamont Research Professor
Sarker, Golam Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
Ekstrom, Goran Newberry Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
O'Mullan, Gregory Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Wiles, Gregory Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Danninger, Griffin Systems Engineer/Programmer
Georgeais, Guillaume Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Correa, Gustavo Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer
Assali, Hadeel Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Liu, Haibo Senior Staff Associate lll
Clint, Haley Manager of Administration & Outreach
Anderson, Hanna Graduate Student
Byrne, Hannah
Goldberg, Hannah Staff Associate I
Brueckner, Hannes Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Yamauchi, Hatsuki Associate Research Scientist
Drennon, Hayley Senior Research Staff Assistant
Gomes, Helga Research Scientist
Chen, Heng Associate Research Scientist
Holm, Henry Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Koss, Howard Research Staff Assistant
Matza, Howard Manager of Safety, Security, Communications, and Custodial Operations
Ducklow, Hugh Professor
Deng, Hui Ping Graduate Student
Nguyen, Hung Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Le, Huy Graduate Student
Lee, Hyun Joo Graduate Student
Sugiura, Ibuki Graduate Student
Das, Indrani Lamont Associate Research Professor
Rimando, Inocencio Able-Bodied Seaperson
Schimmelpfennig, Irene Lois Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Ishan, Irina Research Staff Assistant
Simpson, Isla Adjunct Research Scientist
Tielke, Jacob Associate Research Scientist
Austermann, Jacqueline Associate Professor
Goordial, Jacqueline Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Lee, Jae Won Graduate Student
Davis, James Lamont Research Professor
Gaherty, James Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Spencer, James Logistics Coordinator, U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP)
Cochran, James Special Research Scientist
Ross, James Senior Staff Associate
Leong, James Andrew Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Baldwin, Jane Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Savage, Janice Assistant Dean
Martens, Jannik Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Barlow, Jasmine Business Manager
Smerdon, Jason Professor of Climate
Baur, Jasper Graduate Student
Buch, Jatan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Hanley, Jean Research Staff Assistant
Olive, Jean-Arthur Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Rupert, Jeffrey Retiree
Everard, Jenna Graduate Student
Nakamura, Jennifer Research Scientist
Middleton, Jennifer Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Mays, Jennifer Staff Associate II
Angel Amaya, Jennifer Graduate Student
Lamp, Jennifer Associate Research Scientist
Lee, Jenny Division Administrator
McManus, Jerry Professor and Chair
Gaytan, Jesus Administrator, Senior Staff Associate II, Office of Marine Operations
Zhuang, Jingyi Graduate Student
Zhuo, Jingyi Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Davies, Joanna Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Goes, Joaquim Lamont Research Professor
Lopez Luna, Jocely Francina Research Staff Assistant
Amooli, Joe Adabouk Graduate Student
Schaefer, Joerg Lamont Research Professor
Morton, John Intermediate App Developer
Marra, John Special Research Scientist
Contino, John Senior Electronic Technician
Mutter, John Professor
Kinkela, John Senior Staff Associate II
Flynn, John Adjunct Professor
Nichols, Jonathan Adjunct Research Scientist
Kingslake, Jonathan Associate Professor
Sattelberger, Jonathan Lead System Engineer
Lin, Jonathan Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Kim, Joohee Graduate Student
Garcia Franco, Jorge Adjunct Research Scientist
Ortiz, Josehanny Division Business Manager
Walsh, Joseph Junior Engineer
Ko, Joseph Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kasinger, Joshua Marine Science Technician II, Office of Marine Operations
Alsop, Joyce Retiree
Figueroa-Salazar, Juan Applications Developer
Otero, Judith Assistant Business Manager, U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP)
Matter, Juerg Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Gonzales, Julia Graduate Student
Gottschalk, Julia Adjunct Research Scientist
Simpson, Julia Graduate Student
Busecke, Julius Senior Staff Associate II
Tallon, June Financial Administrator
Liu, Junzhe (Jerry) Graduate Student
Mankin, Justin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Kornhuber, Kai Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Acosta, Kailani Graduate Student
Wang, Kaiwen Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Matthews, Kaleigh Director Academic Administration and Finance/Graduate Program Manager
Smith, Karen Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Benedetto, Karen Administrative Assistant
Hoffer, Karen Director of Procurement
Lai, Karen Financial Analyst
Moore, Kari Associate Director of Administration
Paredes Villanueva, Kathelyn Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Cheng, Kathryn Graduate Student
Licht, Kathy Adjunct Research Scientist in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Hammond, Keiji Research Staff Assistant
Key, Kerry Associate Professor
Lehnert, Kerstin Doherty Senior Research Scientist
Anchukaitis, Kevin Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Griffin, Kevin Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Sullivan, Kevin Specialty Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds
Krajick, Kevin Senior editor, science news
Lucero Garcia, Keylen Research Staff Assistant
Nguyen, Khue Staff Associate III
Kastens, Kim Special Research Scientist
Tinto, Kirsty Lamont Associate Research Professor
Jacob, Klaus Special Research Scientist
Ergun, Koray Marine Science Technician
Douglass, Kristina Associate Professor of Climate
Harding, Kristine Administrative Aide
Andreu-Hayles, Laia Lamont Associate Research Professor
Sevilla, Laisa Education and Outreach Administrator
Mamardashvili, Lasha Manager-Marine Recruitment, Office of Marine Operations
Nambiyathodi, Lathika Staff Associate II
Lewright, Lauen Merrick Graduate Student
Penrose, Laura Graduate Student
Stevens, Laura Adjunct Research Scientist
Haynes, Laura Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Moseley, Lauren Graduate Student
Mangut, Lauretta Graduate Student
Tarabein, Leila Short Term Casual
Seeber, Leonardo Special Research Scientist
Martires, Leoncio Cook
Kunkel, Lily Research Staff Assistant
Shen, Lin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Heusser, Linda Adjunct Research Scientist
Hogan, Lindsay Graduate Student
Sandoval-Rzepka, Linette Senior Manager Pre-Award
Tang, Linyao Manager, Financial Operations
Connolly, Lisa Procurement and Risk Analyst
Robinson, Lisa GRG Administrative Officer
Phillips, Lisa Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships
Anderson, Lloyd Graduate Student
Brenner, Logan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Polvani, Lorenzo Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel Professor of Geophysics
Bolge, Louise Associate Research Scientist
Telesca, Luca Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Profeta, Lucia Staff Associate II
Schiferl, Luke Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Sykes, Lynn Higgins Professor Emeritus
Tao, Madankui Graduate Student
Sevilla, Magdaly Administrative Assistant
Parsi, Mahdad Senior Staff Associate III; Director Of Research Computing And Campus Infrastructure
Zaman, Maheenuz Graduate Student
Machlus, Malka Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Spiegelman, Marc Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor
Tedesco, Marco Lamont Research Professor
Turrin, Margie Senior Staff Associate II
Tzortziou, Maria Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Calungcagin, Maria Angelina Accountant
Ong, Maria Rosabelle Graduate Student
Annunziato, Marisa Education & Outreach Coordinator
Cane, Mark G. Unger Vetlesen Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences, Emeritus
Landow, Mark Master
Fleisher, Martin Senior Staff Associate III
Stute, Martin Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Klein, Martin Assistant Marine Operations Manager, Office of Marine Operations
Tucke, Matthew Chief Engineer
Jerram, Matthew Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Raymo, Maureen Co-Founding Dean Emerita
Mack, Maurice Driver, Traffic
Palmer, Maxfield Staff Associate I
Pincus, Maya Science Communications Officer
Tolstoy, Maya Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Fay, Meghan Associate Dean for Advancement
Paulino, Mercedes Administrative Assistant
Kime, Meredith Graduate Student
Nettles, Meredith Professor
Colet, Meritxell Graduate Student
Passow, Michael Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Previdi, Michael Lamont Associate Research Professor
Steckler, Michael Lamont Research Professor
Poppe, Michael Driver
Evans, Michael Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Hill, Michael Chief Marine Electrician
Kaplan, Michael Lamont Research Professor
Biasutti, Michela Lamont Research Professor
Mischler, Michelle Assistant Director of Development Events and Strategic Projects
Lee, Michelle Graduate Student
Ting, Mingfang Professor of Climate
Cinquegrana, Miriam Administrative and Special Projects Coordinator
Celnick, Mollie Senior Staff Associate I
Hemmati, Mona Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ionescu-Albu, Monica Division Administrator
Hinojosa, Monica Administrative Assistant
Stein, Mordechai Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Rao, Mukund Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Tree Ring Laboratory
Seeteram, Nadia Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Hornedo, Naomi Senior Executive Assistant to the Director
Boelman, Natalie Lamont Research Professor
Laxague, Nathan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Steiger, Nathan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Call, Nicholas Coordinator of Marine Recruitment and Staffing
Christie-Blick, Nicholas Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Frearson, Nicholas Senior Staff Associate
Masterson, Nicholas Mechanic Trainee, Buildings & Grounds
Anest, Nichole Staff Associate II
Young, Nicolas E. Lamont Associate Research Professor
deRoberts, Nicole Senior Manager for Academic Affairs
Davi, Nicole Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Rodriguez, Nilka Associate Manager of Human Resources
Aguilar, Nina Senior Manager, Sponsored Projects Finance
Siegert, Noel Graduate Student
Gutierrez Brizuela, Noel Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bannister, Noelle Executive Director
Anderson, O. Roger Retiree
Cherubini, Paolo Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Montagna, Paolo Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Ables, Patricia Administrative Assistant, Traffic
Alexander, Patrick Associate Research Scientist
Richards, Paul Mellon Professor Emeritus of Natural Sciences
Betka, Paul Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Olsen, Paul Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor
Ji, Peng Associate Research Scientist
Kelemen, Peter Thomas Alva Edison/Con Edison Professor
Eisenberger, Peter Professor
Letourneau, Peter Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Liljegren, Peter Staff Associate III
Mele, Philip Variable Hours Officer
Fitzpatrick, Philip Systems/Network Analyst/Programmer
LaPorta, Philip Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Kho, Phyllis Graduate Student
Dutrieux, Pierre Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Matai, Racheet Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Horton, Radley Professor of Climate
Antwerpen, Raf PhD Student
Uribe, Rafael Staff Associate II
Ajala, Rasheed Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Slavin, Raymond Specialty Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds
Delaney, Rebecca Senior Manager of Human Resources & Academic Appointments
Stein, Redmond (Red) Graduate Student
Kozdon, Reinhard Lamont Associate Research Professor
Wentzcovitch, Renata
Redito, Ricardo Bosun
Rios, Ricardo Cook
Dos Santos Ramalho, Ricardo Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Bopp, Richard Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Seager, Richard Palisades Geophysical Institute/Lamont Research Professor
López, Riley Technician II, Office of Marine Operations
Anderson, Robert Ewing-Lamont Research Professor
Pincus, Robert Lamont Research Professor
Newton, Robert Lecturer
Wilson, Robert Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Kakascik, Robert Systems/ Network Analyst/ Programmer
Hammond, Robert Able Bodied Seaperson
Bell, Robin Lecturer in Earth and Sciences
Simpson, Robina Senior Lab Technician 5
Florendo, Rodolfo Oiler
Anderson, Roger Doherty Senior Scholar
Creel, Roger Graduate Student
Commane, Roisin Associate Professor
D'Arrigo, Rosanne Lamont Research Professor
Weissel, Rose Research Staff Assistant
Oelkers, Rose Graduate Student
Schwartz, Roseanne Staff Associate
Tweedy, Ruth Graduate Student
Abernathey, Ryan Associate Professor
Harris, Ryan Mechanical Engineer
Cordero, S. Isabel Polar Research Assistant
Choe, Sae byul Staff Associate I
Chester, Sam Graduate Student
Nuzzo, Samuel Lamont Mechanic Trainee
Krasnoff, Samuel Software Developer
Bartusek, Samuel Graduate Student
Tiwari, Sandra Division Administrator
Passchier, Sandra Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Kadam, Sanketa Graduate Student
Flanagan, Sara Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Hurley, Sarah Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Giles, Sarah Graduate Student
Nicholas, Sarah Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Ludwig, Sarah Graduate Student
Smith, Sarah Graduate Student
Shi, Sarah Senior Research Staff Assistant
Kjaer, Savannah Research Staff Assistant
Stine, Scott Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Cao, Sean Software Developer
Kinney, Sean Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Solomon, Sean Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Higgins, Sean Director, Office of Marine Operations
Vivancos, Sebastian Graduate Student
Li, Shangtong Research Staff Assistant
Bailey, Shanice Graduate Student
Cooper, Sharon Education and Outreach Officer, U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP)
Haley, Sheean Senior Staff Associate III
Ding, Shuo Associate Research Scientist
Hemming, Sidney Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lee, Simon Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Kompella, Siva Santhosh Sai Srujan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Duhamel, Solange Adjunct Research Scientist
Dyhrman, Sonya Professor
Webb, Spahr Jerome M. Paros/Lamont Senior Research Professor
Hill, Spencer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Vassallo, Stacey Senior Director of Development and Leadership Giving
Larochelle, Stacy Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Brachfeld, Stefanie Adjunct Research Scientist in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Galelli, Stefano Adjunct Research Scientist
Meyers, Stephen Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Cox, Stephen Associate Research Scientist
Pekar, Stephen Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Maher, Steven Sponsored Projects Financial Specialist
Goldstein, Steven Interim Director
Chillrud, Steven Lamont Research Professor
Goodbred, Steven Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Braman, Stuart Adjunct Research Scientist
Holgate, Susan Senior Director of Corporate Engagement
Straub, Susanne Lamont Research Professor
Camargo, Suzana Marie Tharp Lamont Research Professor
Carbotte, Suzanne Bruce Heezen Lamont Research Professor
Maguire, Sydney Graduate Student
Acquisto, Tanner Graduate Student
Liu, Tanzhuo Senior Staff Associate
Spinelli, Tara Associate Director, Digital Communications
McGarry, Tavehon Jonnathan (TJ) Graduate Student
Plank, Terry Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor
Jacobson, Tess Graduate Student
Heimdal, Thea Associate Research Scientist
Koczynski, Theodore Senior Staff Associate II
Sawi, Theresa Graduate Student
Benson, Thomas Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Burke, Thomas Assistant Manager of Shipping & Receiving
Kenna, Timothy Research Scientist
Crone, Timothy Lamont Associate Research Professor
Trimble, Timothy Night Supervisor
Farrell, Timothy Major Gifts Officer
Van De Flierdt, Tina Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Jensvold, Todd Science Officer, Office of Marine Operations
Williams, Trevor Adjunct Research Scientist
Chatterjee, Trinish Graduate Student, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES)
Rosa, Ty Associate Director of Research Initiatives
Janoski, Tyler Graduate Student
St. Clair, U. Moanna Division Administrator
Ferrini, Vicki Senior Research Scientist
Nazario, Victoria Director of Sponsored Projects Finance and Reporting
Rodriguez, Vincente Second Assistant Engineer
Maher, Virginia Director, Human Resources
Acquaviva, Viviana Adjunct Senior Research Scientist in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Martin, Voahangy Staff Associate II
Buck, W. Roger Lamont Research Professor
Masterson, Walt Marine Development Technician
Espinal, Wanda Administrative Assistant, Safety, Security, Communications, and Custodial Operations
Huang, Wei Senior Staff Associate III
Lee, Wei Jie (Daniel) Graduate Student
Smethie, William Retiree
D'Andrea, William Lamont Associate Research Professor
Robison II, William Able Bodied Seaperson
Boera, William Lamont Mechanic Trainee
Schuster, William Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Menke, William Professor
Ryan, William Special Research Scientist
Kim, Won-Young Lamont Research Professor
Yuan, Xiaojun Special Research Scientist
Weiss, Yaakov Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Zhang, Yanda Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Yabyabin, Yasmin Business Officer
Jiang, Yelin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Tan, Yen Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Capellan, Yesenia Senior Manager of Financial Operations
Xia, Yi Graduate Student
Bekris, Yianna Graduate Student
Kushnir, Yochanan Special Research Scientist
Han, Yong Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Ronn, Yoni Program Manager
Xia, Yushu Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Wu, Yutian Lamont Associate Research Professor
Zhao, Yuwei Graduate Student
Moussallam, Yves Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Foster-Baril, Zachary Postdoctoral Research Scientist