Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy (LCSE)

The mission of the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy (LCSE) is to advance science and develop innovative technologies that provide sustainable energy for all humanity while maintaining the stability of the Earth’s natural systems.

To address these challenges and achieve this goal, the LCSE conducts collaborative research that transformatively crosses the boundaries of the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and economics. LCSE researchers focus on the development of new scientific understandings, theories, models, novel materials and technologies related to various aspects of sustainable energy. Further, we frame our efforts in a larger context by coupling scientific research with policy and economics as well as public outreach and education.




Name Title Email
Davi, Adam Program Coordinator avd2136@columbia.edu
Goldberg, David Deputy Director; Paros Lamont Research Professor in Climate Science Research and Carbon Management; Associate Director goldberg@ldeo.columbia.edu