Office of Finance and Administration

The primary goal of the office of finance and administration is to provide an administrative support structure that helps the School achieve its mission across research, education and impact. The finance and administration team is responsible for strategic planning, administration, finance, procurement, human resources, IT, and facilities, as well as advancing cross-functional projects and initiatives. The office also serves as a liaison with Central University departments to ensure that the Climate School is in compliance with University policy.

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Finance and Budget

The finance and budget team oversees financial planning, budget and finance operations, salary accounting, effort reporting, analytics and financial management, and procurement.

Human Resources

The goal of the Climate School's human resources team is to advance the careers and ambitions of the Climate School faculty, researchers and staff by providing an outstanding set of human resources and talent management services to the Climate School community. The HR team oversees personnel and talent management, new hires and onboarding, recruitment and promotion transactions, and offboarding and succession planning.


The administration arm of the team oversees strategic projects and planning and manages cross-functional administrative programs. The team also provides facilities/space planning and IT support on the Morningside and Manhattanville campuses.

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Name Title Email
Krishna, Adithya Variable Hour Officer
Goldberg, Aileen Talent Manager
Vazquez, Alejandro Administrative Manager
Roman, Alicia Senior Associate Dean
Varjian, Anna Coordinator, Financial Services
Noori, Arif Director of Technology Strategy & Innovation
Alvarez, Bienvenida Associate Manager, Human Resources
Warner, Breana Procurement Analyst
Sprott, Dante' Associate Manager, Human Resources
Shaw, Darryl Associate Director, Information Technology
Esteves, Duane Director of Financial Reporting and Business Services
Rodriguez-Perez, Elizabeth Director of Strategic Projects
DeLeon, Frankely Senior Financial Analyst
Dermakardijian, Gary Procurement Coordinator
Kurian, Jiny Assistant Director of HR
Hoffer, Karen Director of Procurement
Lai, Karen Financial Analyst
Moore, Kari Associate Director of Administration
Schermerhorn, Kimberly Assistant Dean
Connolly, Lisa Procurement and Risk Analyst
Rosario, Luz Senior Administrative Manager
Martinez, Lydia Administrative Coordinator
Calungcagin, Maria Angelina Accountant
Miasoiedova, Mariana Financial Analyst
Feliciano, Michael Director of Business Intelligence & Insight
Rodriguez, Nilka Associate Manager of Human Resources
Aguilar, Nina Senior Manager, Sponsored Projects Finance
Delaney, Rebecca Senior Manager of Human Resources & Academic Appointments
Vazquez-Pichardo, Saul Talent & Inclusion Manager
Barber, Shawn Assistant Manager, Information Technology
Mills, Shenell Human Resources Manager
Bellamy, Stacey Administrative Manager
Maher, Steven Sponsored Projects Financial Specialist
Oliver, Tanisha Associate Dean, Human Resources and Academic Appointments
Davidson, Verlene Associate Director for Centers and Programs
Nazario, Victoria Director of Sponsored Projects Finance and Reporting
Maher, Virginia Director, Human Resources
Capellan, Yesenia Senior Manager of Financial Operations