Academic Affairs

The Climate School Academic Affairs Office oversees academic and instructional programs, academic policies, student support services, and student life at the Columbia Climate School. Our mission is to provide and support comprehensive, inclusive, and interdisciplinary education that prepares the next generation of climate and sustainability leaders.

Education Programs
> Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development
> MA in Climate and Society
> MPA in Environmental Science and Policy
> MS in Sustainability Science
> MS in Sustainability Management

Co-Curricular Activities
> Sustainability Skills Seminars
> All Ivy Career Fair




Name Title Email
Ayoub, Alfred Senior Director of Admissions and Marketing
Schroder, Alix Associate Director, Academic Initiatives
Rupert, Avallon Career Development Officer
Sarro, Caitlin Program Manager
Shimkus, Cari Associate Director, Graduate Programs
Precht, Chandler Director, External Affairs and Communications, Graduate Programs in Sustainability Management & Science
Ip, Cindy Program Manager, M.S. Sustainability Management and M.S. Sustainability Science
Thomson, Cynthia Variable Hours Officer
Villafana Dias, Damaris Assistant Director of Academic Enrollment
Hazell, Felicia Administrative Manager
Chipman, Hanna Program Manager
Curtin, Heather Variable Hours Officer
Glover, Jim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Administration
Williams, John Director, Student Affairs and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)
Herrera, Justine Senior Director of Academic Programs
Csorba, Lili Program Manager
Gray, Maria Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability Management and Science
Lugo, Maya Assistant Director
Unwin-Kuruneri, Natalie Assistant Dean
Montijo, Sylvia Program Manager
Zeltser, Yana Program Manager