Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR)

Established in 1994, the Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR) is a key center in the Earth Institute with over 25 scientists and staff researching Earth’s climate system and its complex relationship with society.

Our center has a unique standing at Columbia University. We are one of only a few centers in the United States actively developing a global climate model to understand past and future climates both on Earth and on other planets. To do so, we have a special relationship with NASA. We are co-located with the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in Columbia’s Armstrong Hall. Here, Columbia and NASA scientists work closely together to advance climate science and improve societal resilience to climate-related challenges both in the United States and around the world. CCSR scientists and staff also work with many other partners – private sector, governmental, and non-governmental organizations – to answer these challenging scientific, social, and economic questions.




Name Title Email
Ruane, Alexander Adjunct Research Scientist
LeGrande, Allegra Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Hu, Arthur Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Arouf, Assia Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rosenzweig, Cynthia Senior Research Scientist
Ringeisen, Damien Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bader, Daniel Computer Programmer/Analyst B
Esmaili, Emile Research Staff Assistant
Weng, Ensheng Associate Research Scientist
Mencos Contreras, Erik Senior Staff Associate I
Tornow, Florian Associate Research Scientist
Cesana, Gregory Associate Research Scientist
Faluvegi, Gregory Systems Analyst/Programmer Intermediate
Liddy, Hannah Senior Staff Associate I
Aleinov, Igor Associate Research Scientist
Benhallam, Jaad Staff Associate I
Jonas, Jeffrey Systems Analyst Senior
Potent, Jeffrey Senior Staff Associate I
Jägermeyr, Jonas Associate Research Scientist
Hickman, Jonathan Research Scientist
Guarin, Jose Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kelly, Joseph Senior Research Staff Assistant
Romanski, Joy Associate Research Scientist
Pilewskie, Juliet Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Sinclair, Kenneth Associate Research Scientist
Mezuman, Keren Associate Research Scientist
Karl, Kevin Staff Associate III
Tsigaridis, Kostas Research Scientist
Inoue, Kuniaki Associate Research Scientist
Nazarenko, Larissa Staff Associate
Roach, Lettie Associate Research Scientist
Sohl, Linda Senior Staff Associate
Madajewicz, Malgosia Associate Research Scientist
De Mel, Manishka Jeevani Senior Staff Associate II
van Lier-Walqui, Marcus Associate Research Scientist
Dombrov, Maria Staff Associate II, Officer of Research
Chandler, Mark Associate Research Scientist
Nakad, Mazen Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Stanford, McKenna Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Yang, Meijian Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Puma, Michael Director
Kozlowski, Natalie Staff Associate II
Pelaccio, Nicholas Staff Associate II
Leitmann-Niimi, Nicolas Staff Associate I
Clifton, Olivia Associate Research Scientist
Singh, Ram Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Erfani, Seyed Mohammad Hassan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bauer, Susanne Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Zhou, Tiehan Associate Research Scientist
Gornitz, Vivien Special Research Scientist (retired)
Haugh , Xiaoming Administrative Director
Guo, Xiu Yun Accounts Payable Coordinator
Cheng, Ye Associate Research Scientist
Lin, Yuan-Jen Postdoctoral Research Scientist