Climate School Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Abbott, Dallas Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8664
Ables, Patricia Administrative Assistant, Traffic 845-365-8864
Aharonov, Einat Adjunct Research Scientist +972-8-934-4228
Aleinov, Igor Associate Research Scientist 212-678-6031
Anderson, Robert Ewing-Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8508
Anderson, Roger Doherty Senior Scholar 845-365-8335
Bajpai, Nirupam Senior Research Scholar 212-203-3969
Barnston, Anthony Variable Hours Officer 845-680-4447
Bell, Robin Lecturer in Earth and Sciences 845-365-8827
Bonatti, Enrico Special Research Scientist 845-365-8918
Bopp, Richard Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 518-276-3075
Bosch, Hans Operations Manager (845)365-8973
Brenner, Carl Senior Staff Associate III 845-365-8754
Broglia-Malinverno, Cristina Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8343
Brueckner, Hannes Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-521-4637
Buckley, Brendan Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8782
Calungcagin, Maria Angelina Accountant 845-365-8852
Cane, Mark G. Unger Vetlesen Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences 845-365-8344
Carbotte, Suzanne Bruce Heezen Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8895
Carpenter, James Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5611
Catanzaro, Patricia Draftsman I 845-365-8515
Chandler, Mark Associate Research Scientist 212-678-5644
Chen, Robert Director 845-365-8952
Chillrud, Steven Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8893
Christie-Blick, Nicholas Professor 845-365-8180
Class, Cornelia Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8712
Cochran, James Special Research Scientist
Cohen, Steven Director 212-854-4445
Cohen, Joel Director 212-327-8883
Cook, Edward Ewing Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8618
Cook, Catherine Department Assistant, Environmental Science 212-854-5618
Cords, Marina Professor 212-854-7337
Cormier, Marie-Helene Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8351
Correa, Gustavo Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer 845-365-8911
Creque, Deborah Senior Business Manager 212-853-1363
D'Arrigo, Rosanne Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8617
Davi, Nicole Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
de Sherbinin, Alexander Senior Research Scientist, Deputy Director and Adjunct Professor of Climate 845-365-8936
Del Genio, Anthony Adjunct Professor 212-678-5588
Denton, George Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 207-581-2193
Djapic, Branko Lead Systems Network/Analyst Programmer 845-365-8933
Downs, Robert Senior Staff Associate
Faluvegi, Gregory Systems Analyst/Programmer Intermediate
Fleisher, Martin Senior Staff Associate III 845-365-8632
Flynn, George Higgins Professor 212-854-4162
Frost, Darrel Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5852
Rivera Gallagher, Vilma Variable Hours Officer 9174704742
Vassallo, Stacey Senior Director of Development and Leadership Giving 845-365-8634
Ghani, Saleh Systems Analyst/Programmer Intermediate 845-365-8979
Gitelman, Yitzhak Staff Associate 845-365-8943
Giulivi, Claudia Senior Staff Associate II 845-365-8576
Goldberg, David Deputy Director; Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8674
Goldstein, Steven Higgins Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences 845-365-8787
Gordon, Arnold Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences 845-365-8325
Gornitz, Vivien Special Research Scientist (retired) 212-678-5566
Graziano, Joseph Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Pharmacology 212-305-1678
Griffin, Kevin Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology 845-365-8371
Groth, Jeffrey Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5776
Guérin, Gilles Research Scientist 845-365-8671
Hansen, James Director
Hansen, Merlie Senior Metadata Specialist (845)365-8976
Harlow, George Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5378
Healy, Richard Systems Analyst/Programmer Senior 212-678-5572
Hemming, Nicholas Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8417
Ho, David Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8706
Huber, Bruce Senior Staff Associate III 845-365-8329
Jacob, Klaus Special Research Scientist 8458936054
Jacobs, Stanley Special Research Scientist 845-365-8326
Jonas, Jeffrey Systems Analyst Senior 212-678-5532
Kakascik, Robert Systems/ Network Analyst/ Programmer 845-365-8386
Kaplan, Alexey Lamont Associate Research Professor in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 845-365-8689
Kent, Dennis Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-558-2026
Kim, Won-Young Lamont Research Professor 845 365-8387
Klein, Alexander Junior Research Associate 212-854-2142
Koczynski, Theodore Senior Staff Associate II 845-365-8559
Koutavas, Athanasios Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8411
Kushnir, Yochanan Special Research Scientist 845-365-8669
Lall, Upmanu Director 212-854-8905
Landow, Mark Master
Lehnert, Kerstin Doherty Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8506
Lentrichia, David Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8378
Lerner-Lam, Arthur Senior Advisor to the Co-Founding Deans 845-365-8356
Li, Cuihua Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer 845-365-8903
Lukang, Maria Elisa Information Specialist 845-365-8974
Machlus, Malka Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8464
Marra, John Special Research Scientist 845-365-8891
Martinson, Douglas Retiree 845-365-8830
Masterson, Walt Marine Development Technician 845-365-8114
McHugh, Cecilia Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 7189973322
Mele, Philip Variable Hours Officer 845-365-8575
Modi, Vijay Director 212-854-2956
Mountain, Carol Program Coordinator 845-365-8551
Mountain, Gregory Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8540
Nazarenko, Larissa Staff Associate 212-678-5617
Nazario, Victoria Director of Sponsored Projects Finance and Reporting 845-365-8495
Nedimovic, Mladen Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8561
Newton, Robert Formerly: Special Research Scientist
Nitsche, Frank Research Scientist 845-365-8746
Olsen, Paul Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor 865-365-8491
Parsi, Mahdad Senior Staff Associate III; Director Of Research Computing And Campus Infrastructure 845-365-8698
Pekar, Stephen Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8362
Peteet, Dorothy Adjunct Professor 845-365-8420
Pfirman, Stephanie Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8475
Phelan, David Business Manager (917) 647-2523
Pinto, Al Senior Media Designer 845-365-8981
Pistolesi, Linda Senior Geographic Information Specialist (Senior Staff Associate) 845-365-8799
Pollack, Robert Professor of Biological Sciences 212-851-1826
Protus Sr., Thomas Senior Electronic Technician 845-365-8314
Quoidbach, Daniel Procurement Coordinator, Office of Marine Operations 845-365-8723
Rainforth, Emma Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 201-684-7209
Robertson, Andrew Senior Research Scientist 845-680-4491
Rosenzweig, Cynthia Senior Research Scientist 212-678-5562
Ross, James Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8507
Rousseau, Denis-Didier Adjunct Senior Research Scientist +33 467143283
Ryan, William Special Research Scientist 845-499-0439
Sachs, Jeffrey Director 212-870-2762
Sarker, Golam Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer 845-365-8365
Sato, Makiko Senior Staff Associate III 917-620-4926
Schaefer, Joerg Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8703
Schaefer, Scott Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5652
Schlosser, Peter Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel Prof Emeritus of Geophysics and Prof Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences 212-854-0306
Schmidt, Gavin Director 212-678-5627
Schumacher, Joe Senior Staff Associate II 845-365-8969
Scialdone, John Manager, Data Center Services/Senior Staff Associate II 845-365-8978
Sclar, Elliott Director; Special Research Scholar 212-854-3548
Seager, Richard Palisades Geophysical Institute/Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8743
Seeber, Leonardo Special Research Scientist 845-365-8385
Shaw, Bruce Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8380
Simpson, Robina Senior Lab Technician 5 212-854-5029
Small, Christopher Lamont Research Professor 347-535-4274
Smethie, William Retiree 845-365-8566
Sobel, Adam Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics 212-854-6587
St. Clair, U. Moanna Division Administrator 845-365-8300
Steckler, Michael Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8479
Strom, David Senior Systems Administrator 845-365-8938
Stute, Martin Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8704 / 8866
Sykes, Lynn Higgins Professor Emeritus 845-359-7428
Tippett, Michael 845-680-4420
Tolstoy, Maya Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences 845-365-8791
Tremblay, Bruno Adjunct Research Scientist 514-398-4369
Tucke, Matthew Chief Engineer 914-365-8846
Turmelle, Jeffrey Lead Systems/Network Analyst Programmer
Turrin, Margie Senior Staff Associate II 845-365-8494
Van Geen, Alexander Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8644
Vinay, Sri Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8962
Voss, Robert Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5482
Waldhauser, Felix Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8538
Walsh, Daniel Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 914-439-3151
Webb, Spahr Jerome M. Paros/Lamont Senior Research Professor 845-365-8439
Williams, Trevor Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8626
Winckler, Gisela Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8756
Wolford, David Chief Mate 914-365-8846
Yetman, Greg Associate Director for Geospatial Applications, Senior Staff Associate III 845-365-8982
Yuan, Xiaojun Special Research Scientist 845-365-8820
Zellmer, Georg Adjunct Senior Research Scientist +64-6-951-7881
Zheng, Yan Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365 8401
Hoenisch, Baerbel Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences 845-365-8828
Hoffer, Karen Director of Procurement 845-365-8404
Giannini, Alessandra Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Trzaska, Sylwia Senior Staff Associate II 845-680-4532
Mason, Simon Senior Research Scientist 845-680-4514
Kenna, Timothy Research Scientist 854-365-8513
Anderson, O. Roger Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8452
Anest, Nichole Staff Associate II 845-365-8792
Bonkowski, Bonnie Division Administrator 845-365-8522
Chaky, Damon Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8657
Cherubini, Paolo Adjunct Research Scientist 41-1-739-2-278
Clement, Amy Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 305-361-4846
Gaherty, James Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Hansen, James Senior Research Scientist 845-680-4410
Huang, Huei-Ping Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8582
Linsley, Braddock Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8306
Kiang, Nancy Adjunct Research Scientist 212-678-5587
Straub, Susanne Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8464
Bauer, Susanne Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-678-5666
Cole, Jennifer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8306
Barrowclough, George Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212-769-5785
Naeem, Shahid Chair, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology 212-854-4499
Zappa, Christopher Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8547
Genrich, Jennifer Director 212-854-6709
Kim, Sunghee Creative Director 212-854-0477
Ben Amor, Yanis Assistant Professor of Global Health and Microbiological Sciences 212-870-2763
Kelemen, Peter Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor 845-365-8728
Noori, Arif Director of Technology Strategy & Innovation 347-570-2188
Deckelbaum, Richard Robert R. Williams Professor of Nutrition 212-305-4808
Denning, Glenn Professor of Professional Practice 212-854-4787
Degnan, Anne Adjunct Associate Professor 212-854-8310
Baethgen, Walter Senior Research Scientist 845-680-4459
Banner, Michael Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Benedetto, Karen Administrative Assistant 845-365-8304
Biasutti, Michela Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8512
Juhl, Andrew Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8837
Thurnherr, Andreas Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8816
Ebel, Denton Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5381
Flynn, John Adjunct Professor 212-769-5806
Gold, Mitchell Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8583
Goodwillie, Andrew Data Systems Manager 845-365-8717
Harding, Kristine Administrative Aide 845-365-8591
Higgins, Sean Director, Office of Marine Operations 845-365-8528
Holtzman, Ben Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8427
Kavner, Abby Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 310-825-1055
Malinverno, Alberto Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8577
Osgood, Daniel Research Scientist 845-680-4461
Passow, Michael Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 2015191071
Reverdin, Gilles Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Scally, Lori Finance Manager 845-680-4434
Schwartz, Roseanne Staff Associate 845-365-8305
Steblov, Grigory Adjunct Research Scientist
Van De Flierdt, Tina Adjunct Research Scientist 0442075941290
Schaff, David Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8826
Blaustein, Susan Lecturer
Pagliaroli, Linda Grants Coordinator (845)365-8942
Sydor, Elisabeth Communications Coordinator 845-365-8937
Xing, Xiaoshi Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8967
West, Paige Professor, Anthropology 212-854-5933
Dinku, Tufa Senior Research Scientist 845-680-4525
Mutter, John Professor 212 854 0716
Rose, Alison Program Manager 845-680-4438
Dubovikov, Mikhail Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-678-5608
Cheng, Ye Associate Research Scientist 212-678-5611
Krajick, Kevin Senior editor, science news 917-361-7766
Sachs, Sonia Associate Research Scientist 212-854-6563
Lee, Kyu Director of Communications and Digital Media 212-851-0798
Kharecha, Pushker Associate Research Scientist
Miller, Andrew Executive Director of Research 212-851-5980
Bader, Daniel Computer Programmer/Analyst B 212-678-5639
Schuster, William Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-534-4517
Peacock, John Administrative Coordinator 212-854-3179
Plunz, Richard Director 212-870-2799
Krantz, David Retiree 212 854 4534
Horton, Radley Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8496
Landman, Neil Adjunct Research Scientist 212 854 8179
LeGrande, Allegra Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212 678 5556
Novacek, Michael Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5805
Puma, Michael Director 212 678 5667
Rind, David Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-678-5593
Wheeler, Ward Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-854-8068
Zhou, Tiehan Associate Research Scientist 212-678-5567
Barrett, Scott Lenfest-Earth Institute Professor of Natural Resource Economics 212-851-5861
Coleman, Peter Founding Director 212-678-3112
Culligan, Patricia Robert A.W. and Christine S. Carleton Professor of Civil Engineering 212-854-2154
DeFries, Ruth University Professor 212-851-1647
Gerrard, Michael Andrew Sabin Professor of Professional Practice 212-854-3287
Lloyd, Edward Evan M. Frankel Clinical Professor of Environmental Law 212-854-4376
Prewitt, Kenneth Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs 212-854-1746
Meinrenken, Christoph Associate Professor of Practice 212-870-2764
Hickman, Jonathan Research Scientist 212-678-5530
Sohl, Linda Senior Staff Associate 212-678-5644
Milly, George Programmer Analyst 212-678-5668
Davis, James Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8425
Putnam, Aaron Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8703
Tsigaridis, Kostas Research Scientist 212-678-5668
Unwin-Kuruneri, Natalie Senior Director, Academic Initiatives
Klopp, Jacqueline Director/Research Scholar 212-851-2979
Bell, Andrew Post Doctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8782
Moron, Vincent Adjunct Senior Research Scientist +1 044 297 1579
Ines, Amor Adjunct Research Scientist +1 845 680 4490
Ndiaye, Ousmane Adjunct Research Scientist +1 845 680 4503
Adamo, Susana Beatriz Research Scientist 845-365-8966
Chai-Onn, Tricia Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8963
Romanski, Joy Associate Research Scientist 212-678-5606
Desmond, James Postdoctoral Research Scientist 212-380-4489
Iyengar, Radhika Associate Research Scholar 212-851-7325
Vreeland, Pamela Associate Director for Academic and Research Events 212-854-8158
Kim-Blanco, Paola Senior Staff Associate II and Deputy Director, GRID 3 (845)365-8950
Pascuzzi, Frank Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
MacManus, Kytt Senior Systems Analyst/GIS Developer/Programmer +1 (845)365-8939
Braman, Lisette Program Manager
Cousin, Rémi Senior Staff Associate II, Data Library Manager 845-680-4422
Fiondella, Francesco Director of Communications 845-680-4476
Liu, Haibo Senior Staff Associate lll 8453658486
Madajewicz, Malgosia Associate Research Scientist 212 678 5576
Orlove, Ben Senior Research Scientist 845-680-4464
Vaughan, Catherine Adjunct Associate Professor of Climate
Wu, Yutian Lamont Associate Research Professor 1 845 365 8353
Hinsdale, Jeremy Senior Web Producer 212-854-5198
Fecht, Sarah Content Manager
Rostal, Melinda Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology 212.380.4489
Coleman, Rebecca Laboratory Assistant
Warner, Breana Buyer
Jokulsdottir, Tinna Staff Associate
Raymo, Maureen Co-Founding Dean
Schaffner, Joshua Ordinary Seaperson 845.365.8846
Shimkus, Cari Senior Program Manager 212-851-9350
Miller, Alison Lecturer
Thomson, Cynthia Variable Hours Officer 212-854-9896
Finkel, Robert Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 510 642 6000
Graves, Stephen Oiler 845 365 8846
Lapham, Trevor Third Assistant Engineer 845 365 8846
Grant, Richard Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Ropelewski, Chester Senior Policy Analyst & Adviser 845 680 4490
Patel, Nila International Accounts Payable Specialist
Chen, Hongey Visiting Senior Research Scientist 845 365 8592
Wilson, Earle Research Staff Assistant 845 365 8325
Fang, Janet Laboratory Assistant 845 365 8862
Dell, Malcolm Laboratory Assistant 845 365 8419
Kiefhaber, Daniel Staff Associate 845 365 8547
Blackburn, Michael Junior Engineer 845 365 8846
Braman, Stuart Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (917) 658-7215
Cai, Jing Staff Associate (845) 365-8569
D'Andrea, William Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8654
Torfstein, Adi Adjunct Research Scientist (845) 365-8918
Franzese, Allison Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
de Avila Fernandes, Katia Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845 680 4449
Hoffmann, Sharon Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8793
Hamilton, Evan Research Staff Assistant 845 365 8483
Alsop, Joyce Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer 845-365-8753
Andreu-Hayles, Laia Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8517
Arslan, Sebnem Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 90312 203 3416
Atkin, Owen Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 441904328560
Baguinon, Nestor Adjunct Research Scientist 63495362773
Bell, Aaron Postdoctoral Research Fellow 212 769 5459
Block, Karin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Boer, Rizaldi Adjunct Research Scientist 622518313709
Bolge, Louise Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8661
Borghini, Giulio Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Bostick, Benjamin Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8659
Brachfeld, Stefanie Adjunct Research Scientist in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 973 655 5129
Buck, W. Roger Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8592
Carton, Helene Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845 365 8604
Cereno, George Bosun 845 365 8846
Cinquegrana, Miriam Administrative and Special Projects Coordinator 845-365-8546
Contino, John Senior Electronic Technician 845-365-8520
Cook, Benjamin Adjunct Research Scientist 845 365 8531
Creyts, Timothy Lamont Associate Research Professor 845 365 8598
Crone, Timothy Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8687
Crum, Breckenridge Chief Mate 845 365 8846
Das, Indrani Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8334
Camargo, Suzana Marie Tharp Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8640
Deloatch, Antonio Driver, Traffic
Gomes, Helga Research Scientist 8453658443
Doermann, Lindsey Data Manager Technician 845 365 8758
Eshel, Gidon Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 413 528 0771
Evans, Michael Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 301 405 8763
Ferrini, Vicki Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8339
Fitzpatrick, Philip Systems/Network Analyst/Programmer 845 365 8510
Florendo, Rodolfo Oiler 845 365 8846
Frearson, Nicholas Senior Staff Associate 845-365-8841
Friedrich, Heinz Senior Staff Associate 845 365 8917
Goes, Joaquim Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8467
Griswold, Tyler Field Technician 845 365 8893
Hanley, Jean Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8879
Heusser, Linda Adjunct Research Scientist 845 365 8420
Hohmann, Roland Roland Hohmann
Ilano, Arturo Laboratory Assistant 212 628 7922
Jin, Ge Graduate Research Assistant
Johansson, Annika Senior Research Staff Assistant 845-365 8622
Kaplan, Michael Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8646
Katz, Richard Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 4411223764071
Keimowitz, Alison Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Klein, Martin Assistant Marine Operations Manager, Office of Marine Operations 845 365 8846
Knudson, Carol Research Staff Assistant 845 365 8597
Koffman, Tobias Staff Associate 845 365 8703
Kowach, Glen Adjunct Research Scientist 845 365 8152
Kyaw, Nyi Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845 365 8849
Lepre, Christopher Research Staff Assistant 845 365 8521
Lev, Einat Lamont Associate Research Professor +1 845 365 8616
Liu, Tanzhuo Senior Staff Associate 845 365 8630
Luz, Boaz Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845 365 8927
Mack, Maurice Driver, Traffic 845 365 8864
Maher, Virginia Director, Human Resources 845 365 8847
Malikowski, Eric Senior Unix System Engineer 845 365 8458
Martires, Leoncio Cook 845 365 8846
Matsumoto, Katsumi Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 612 624 0275
Matza, Howard Manager of Safety, Security, Communications, and Custodial Operations 845 365 8822
McCarthy, Christine Lamont Associate Research Professor 845 365 8713
McLean Fuller, Hervin Steward 845 365 8846
Morton, John Intermediate App Developer 845 365 8339
Nachin, Baatarbileg Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Nakamura, Jennifer Research Scientist 845 365 8594
Nichols, Jonathan Adjunct Research Scientist 8453658428
Nooner, Scott Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845 365 8944
O'Hara, Suzanne Systems Analyst / Senior Programmer 845 365 8381
O'Mullan, Gregory Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 718 997 3452
Paldor, Nathan Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 97226584924
Paulino, Mercedes Administrative Assistant 845 365 8624
Polissar, Pratigya Adjunct Research Scientist 845 965 8849
Previdi, Michael Lamont Associate Research Professor 845 365 8631
Pullen, Julie Adjunct Research Scientist 845 365 8735
Redito, Ricardo Bosun 845 365 8846
Richards, Paul Mellon Professor of the Natural Sciences, emeritus 845-365-8389
Rimando, Inocencio Able-Bodied Seaperson 845 365 8846 ibr2107@columbia
Rios, Ricardo Cook 845 365 8846
Rupert, Jeffrey Senior Staff Associate 845 365 8367
Savage, Heather Adjunct Research Scientist 845 365 8522
Shillington, Donna Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Slagle, Angela Research Scientist 845-365-8444
Smerdon, Jason Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8493
Solomina, Olga Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 74951259011
Spoto, Thomas Chief, Marine Sound Source Department 845 365 8846
Steinhaus, Robert Senior Science Office / Party Chief 409 256 0275
Suriani, Arlene Administrative Assistant 845-365-8304
Tallon, June Financial Administrator 845 365 8447
Tinto, Kirsty Lamont Associate Research Professor 845 365 8598
Tiwari, Sandra Division Administrator 845 365 8849
Totten, Joan Administrative Assistant
Troutman, Cathy Assistant Manager, Safety, Security, Communications, and Custodial Operations 845 365 8860
Turnbull, Matthew Adjunct Research Scientist
van Aalst, Maarten Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 31704455878
Wiles, Gregory Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 330 263 2298
Wilson, Robert Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 441316508524
Yan, Beizhan Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8448
Petrovic, Nada Postdoctoral Research Scholar 1 212 854 3830
Subramaniam, Ajit Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8641
Kittel, Timothy Teacher/Researcher and Science Coordinator 212 854 8664
Tschirhart, Kevin Senior Project Manager
Rubbo, Anna Adjunct Senior Research Scholar 917-953-5327
Cohen, Gabby Assistant Director 917-864-5422
Solomon, Sean Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8714
Martinez, Hayley Senior Director of Administration and Strategic Planning 212-851-9554
DeFrancia, Kelsie Assistant Director 212-870-2765
Mencos Contreras, Erik Senior Staff Associate I (212) 678-5559
Schroder, Alix Associate Director, Academic Initiatives
Alvarez, Bienvenida Associate Manager, Human Resources 212-854-2845
Nagdimov, Rafayel Director, Budget and Finance Operations 212-854-7905
Shaw, Darryl Associate Director, Information Technology 212-853-0952
Paculor, Sharon Manager, Special Projects 212-870-2761
Dowden , Justine Project Coordinator
Dale, Lisa Lecturer, Climate, Earth and Society
Haugh , Xiaoming Administrative Director 212-678-5614
Kenyon, Adrienne Associate Director, Strategic Programming
Shin, Haein Education Technical Adviser 347-820-3932
Halliday , Alexander Director 212-851-9375
Bannister, Noelle Executive Director 212-854-3035
Fay, Meghan Associate Dean for Advancement 212-854-2853
Holgate, Susan Senior Director of Corporate Engagement 845-365-8599
Mellin, Marian Development Associate 845-365-8636
Ackerman, Andrew Adjunct Research Scientist 212-678-5675
Fridlind, Ann Adjunct Research Scientist 212-678-5674
Liddy, Hannah Senior Staff Associate I 212-854-3830
Ratner, Jacqueline Senior Project Manager 212.853.NCDP
Pfeifer, Joseph (212) 853-6237
Fernandez, Maria Postdoctoral Research Scientist 3476772988
Maurer, Megan Adjunct Associate Research Scholar 1 212 854 3830
Stock, Andy Postdoctoral Research Scientist 8453658871
Hansen, Winslow Postdoctoral Research Scientist 4065808890
Sobolewski , Jennifer Development Assistant 212-854-8954
Revkin , Andrew Director, Initiative on Communication Innovation and Impact 914-441-5556
Fisher, Joshua Director 435-764-0383
Park, Ah-Hyung Lenfest Earth Institute Professor of Climate Change
Redlener, Irwin Senior Research Scholar 212-535-9707
Sandalow, David Senior Research Scholar; Inaugural Fellow
Abers, Geoffrey Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 607/255-3879
Adkins, Jason Senior Staff Associate II
Aguilar, Nina Senior Manager, Sponsored Projects Finance 845-365-8889
Alexander, Patrick Associate Research Scientist
Aliabadi, Azin Associate Director, AC4 212 870 2771
Alumbaugh, David Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Alvarez Aramberri, Julen Postdoctoral Research Fellow 845-365-8388
Anchukaitis, Kevin Adjunct Research Scientist
Antwerpen, Raf PhD Student
Aquino-Gerard, Adriana Adjunct Research Scientist 212-313-7793
Baione, Tom Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5417
Baird, Kaitlin Science Coordinator 212-854-8179
Baldwin, Jane Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Bales, Benjamin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Baptista, Sandra Senior Staff Associate II 845-365-8982
Barber, Shawn Technical Support Analyst, Information Technology
Becel, Anne Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8813
Betka, Paul Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8479
Betley, Erin Staff Associate
Black, Erin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8300
Blackmon, Charles Programmer Analyst
Boelman, Natalie Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8480
Bolin, Matthew Senior Staff Associate 212-769-5409
Bolles, Katherine Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8149
Brahm Castillo, Manuel Staff Associate
Braun, Melody Senior Staff Associate II 845-365-4461
Burke, Thomas Driver, Traffic 845-365-8718
Butler, Gerald Chief Engineer
Campiz-Challe, Tiffany Communications Coordinator
Capellan, Yesenia Coordinator, Accounts Payable 845-365-8856
Carneiro, Robert Adjunct Senior Research Scholar 212-769-5897
Cavaliere, Carmine Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds 845-365-8600
Cesana, Gregory Associate Research Scientist 212-678-5579
Chandler, Thomas Deputy Director 212.853.NCDP
Chao, Peggy Director of Operations (212) 853-7656
Chatterjee, Bipasha Variable Hours Officer
Chekalyuk, Alexander Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8552
Chen, Dake Special Research Scientist 845-365-8496
Chen, Heng Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8916
Chourio Lobato, Xandre Senior Staff Associate l 845-680-4437
Civico, Aldo Adjunct Associate Research Scholar 212-854-4449
Connolly, Craig Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8649
Connolly, Lisa Purchasing/Inventory Asset Coordinator 845-365-8437
Conroy, Colton Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8522
Constantino Barrella, Renata Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8598
Contino, Julie Adjunct Associate Research Scholar 212-496-3623
Cooke Nieves, Natasha Adjunct Associate Research Scholar 917-693-8295
Cooper, Sharon Education and Outreach Officer, U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) 845-365-8362
Cordero, S. Isabel Polar Field Assistant 845-365-8827
Cortez, Anel Senior Project Officer 845-365-8588
Cox, Stephen Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8537
Crowley, Louise Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212-769-5917
Curtis, Ashley Senior Staff Associate 845-680-4427
Dalton, Colleen Adjunct Research Scientist 401/863-5875
De Mel, Manishka Jeevani Senior Staff Associate II 212-678-5542
DeLeon, Frankely Accountant 845-365-8352
Dermakardijian, Gary Accounts Payable Assistant 845-365-8431
deRoberts, Nicole Senior Manager for Academic Affairs (845) 365-8729
DeVincenzo, Joshua Assistant Director for Education and Training (212) 853-7654
Ding, Shuo Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8537
Dinh, Dannie Program Officer
DiSera, Laurel PhD Student
Dokken, Lisa Variable Hours Officer
Dornfeld, Margaret Adjunct Associate Research Scholar 212-769-5029
Dos Santos Ramalho, Ricardo Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8629
Douglas, Julian Utility
Duhamel, Solange Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8774
Dunlop, Denise Administrative Coordinator 212.853.NCDP
Dutrieux, Pierre Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8393
Ehsan, Muhammad Associate Research Scientist 845-680-4428
Elkin, Lisa Senior Staff Associate 212-313-7035
Goodkin, Nathalie Adjunct Research Scientist 8453658531
Espinal, Wanda Administrative Assistant, Safety, Security, Communications, and Custodial Operations 845-365-8990
Faniriantsoa, Rija Senior Staff Associate I 845-680-4423
Fay, Amanda Senior Staff Associate
Flanagan, Sara Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Ford, Heather Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 44 1223 333421
Fortin, Will Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8682
Furlow, John Director, Senior Staff Associate II 845-680-4466
Gaglioti, Benjamin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8617
Gallagher, Patrick Science Coordinator
Garduno, Tomas Variable Hours Officer
Gervais, Melissa Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 814/863-3926
Goldberg, Aileen Talent Manager 845-365-8357
Goldberg, Suzann Staff Associate 212-313-7852
Goodbred, Steven Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 615/343-6424
Goordial, Jacqueline Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8549
Gottschalk, Julia Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8401
Grall, Celine Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8430
Guo, Dong Associate Research Scholar 212-851-4110
Halderman, Lauri Senior Staff Associate 212-769-5461
Haley, Sheean Senior Staff Associate III 845-365-8166
Hamilton, Christopher Adjunct Research Scientist
Hammond, Robert Able Bodied Seaperson
Han, Yong Adjunct Senior Research Scientist +862962336276
Harris, Ryan Mechanical Engineer 845-365-8436
Havlin, Christopher Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8382
He, Yuxiu Departmental Research Assistant 212-851-7531
Heaton, Matthew Senior Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8950
Hempstead, Barry Oiler
Henze, Daven Adjunct Research Scientist 303/492-8716
Hill, Michael Chief Marine Electrician
Hill, Spencer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8954
Hines, Sophia Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8401
Hoggard, Mark Postdoctoral Research Scientist 617-495-2510
Holmes, Jay Senior Staff Associate 212-769-5123
Horning, Ned Senior Staff Associate 212-313-7947
Hsu, Hsiu-Chuan Staff Associate 845-365-8852
Hu, Shineng Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Huang, Wei Senior Staff Associate III 845-365-8143
Inoue, Kuniaki Associate Research Scientist
Jasper, Claire Graduate Student 845-365-8801
Jensvold, Todd Science Officer, Office of Marine Operations 845-365-8367
Ji, Peng Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8506
Johnson, Christine Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212-769-5605
Jones, C Spencer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Jones, Charles Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds 845-365-8600
Jones, Kelley Driver 845-365-8864
Felton Jordan, Andrea Program Manager 845-365-8599
Jordan, Pamela Program Manager
Kaplan, Aaron Lead Software Developer
Karadag, Ozge
Karesh, Wiliam Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-380-4463
Kasinger, Joshua Marine Science Technician II, Office of Marine Operations
Kastens, Kim Special Research Scientist 914-671-2341
Kateman, Brian Variable Hours Officer
Kelly-Voicu, Eniko Senior Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8950
Delaney, Rebecca Human Resources Manager
Kidder, Steven Adjunct Research Scientist 212-650-8431
Kizirian, David Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212-769-5877
Klein-Rosenthal, Joyce Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Knight, Mary Adjunct Research Scholar 212-769-5470
Kononchik, Gregory Third Assistant Engineer
Kornhuber, Kai Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212-854-3830
Koss, Howard Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8435
Kozdon, Reinhard Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8619
Krosinsky, Cary Lecturer 212-854-8664
Kruczkiewicz, Andrew Senior Staff Associate II 212-854-9896
Kumar, Pushpam Adjunct Research Scientist 254207626710
Kurtz, Nicole Outreach Programs Officer 845-365-8754
Lai, Ching-Yao Lamont Postdoctoral Fellow
Lai, Karen Financial Analyst 845-365-8772
Lamp, Jennifer Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8435
Lam-Wright, Anita Administrative Assistant 845-680-4430
LaPoint, Scott Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8480
Latychev, Konstantin Staff Associate 845-365-8522
Laxague, Nathan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8547
Lee, Chia-Ying Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-4420
Lee, Jenny Division Administrator 845-365-8430
Levenson, Eugenia Senior Staff Associate 212-496-3479
Levermann, Anders Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8518
Levesque, Mathieu Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8392
Levine, Isaac First Assistant Engineer
Li, Camille Adjunct Research Scientist 475/558-3705
Licht, Kathy Adjunct Research Scientist in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 317/278-1343
Liebovitch, Larry Adjunct Senior Research Scholar 212-678-3112
Lindsey, Davis Variable Hours Officer
List, Geneva Senior Staff Associate I 845-680-4461
Liu, Tongya Staff Associate II 845-365-8552
Locke, Caitlin Graduate Student 845-365-8836
Lopez, Joan Program Manager - Youth, Peace and Security Program
LoPiccolo, Angela Facilities Engineer 845-365-8195
MacDonald, Mia Variable Hours Officer 212-854-3239
Maher, Steven Sponsored Projects Financial Specialist 845-365-8323
Mailloux, Brian Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-854-7950
Malhi, Yadvinder Visiting Senior Research Scientist
Mallar, Michael Oiler
Mamardashvili, Lasha Manager-Marine Recruitment, Office of Marine Operations 845-365-8745
Mankin, Justin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Martin, Angela Administrative Assistant 845-365-8330
Martin, Voahangy Staff Associate II 845-365-8339
Marx, Sabine Variable Hours Officer 212.853.NCDP
Matter, Juerg Adjunct Senior Research Scientist +4402380593042
Mazzuca, David Instructor
McGovern, Patrick Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-463-3703
Meng, Jin Adjunct Research Scientist 212-496-3337
Meyers, David Variable Hours Officer
Meyers, Stephen Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Mezuman, Keren Associate Research Scientist
Middleton, Jennifer Lamont Assistant Research Professor 845-365-8481
Mintz, Mallory Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8792
Murtha, Thomas Lecturer in International and Public Affairs
Mwinde, Chiza Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8417
Naif, Samer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8944
Nasta, Joseph Second Assistant Engineer 845-365-8846
Nguyen, Khue Staff Associate II 845-365-8397
Nie, Ji Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 15701376653
Olive, Jean-Arthur Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8430
Onwuteaka, Chisimdi Communications Officer 845-365-8946
Otero, Judith Assistant Business Manager, U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) 8453648586
Parks, Robbie Assistant Professor (tenure track)
Passchier, Sandra Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8417
Pincus, Robert Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8393
Porter, David Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8183
Prager, Case Variable Hours Officer 212-854-9987
Profeta, Lucia Staff Associate II (845) 365-8484
Purkey, Sarah Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8338
Qaraman, Mai Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212-313-7593
Qu, Chang Staff Associate II 845-365-4274
Quinn, Tara Third Mate
Randel, Cody Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8403
Reed, Andrew Facilities Manager, Buildings & Grounds 845-365-8602
Ricobelli Corradi, Rita Variable Hours Officer 212-851-4001
Rieder, Harald Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Robinson, Lisa GRG Administrative Officer 845-365-8476
Robison II, William Able Bodied Seaperson
Rodriguez, Billy Senior Accountant 212-854-9499
Rodriguez, Estefania Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 212-769-5244
Romero, Michael First Assistant Engineer 845-365-8846
Rosson, Eric Steward
Rovere, Alessio Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 042121865871
Rozen, Jerome Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5466
Ruane, Alexander Adjunct Research Scientist 212-678-5640
Russotto, Rick Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rustic, Gerald Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8189
Samur Zuniga, Antonia Staff Associate
Saunders, Naomi Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8927
Schermerhorn, Kimberly Director of Financial Analysis and Planning
Schimmelpfennig, Irene Lois Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 33442971500
Schlegelmilch, Jeffrey Director 212.853.NCDP
Schmidt, Jolynn Program Manager-Data Lead 845-365-8936
Schwabacher, Martin Staff Associate 212-769-5451
Burke, Kaylee Administrative Assistant 845-365-8318
Simon, Cynthia Variable Hours Officer 815/353-6461
Simon, Margit Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Simpson, Isla Adjunct Research Scientist 303/497-1763
Singh, Ram Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Slavin, Raymond Specialty Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds 845-365-8600
Smith, Karen Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 416/208-2785
Soto, Eric Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds 845-365-8600
Spencer, James Logistics Coordinator, U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) 845-365-8785
Squires, John Geographic Information Specialist
Steiger, Nathan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Steiner, Robert Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-496-3632
Stevens, Laura Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8408
Stine, Scott Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 510/885-3193
Suarez Moreno, Roberto Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8518
Sullivan, Kevin Specialty Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds 845-365-8600
Sury, Jonathan Senior Staff Associate II 212.853.7653
Sweet, Paul Staff Associate 212-769-5780
Sweets, Hannah Research Staff Assistant
Tattersall, Ian Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5877
Tedesco, Marco Lamont Research Professor
Tellman, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ting, Mingfang Lamont Research Professor 845-365-8374
Trakinski, Vivian Senior Staff Associate 212-496-3567
Turrin, Brent Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8705
Tyson, Neil Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 212-769-5912
Tzortziou, Maria Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8849
Uno, Kevin Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8308
Vadillo, Audrey Senior Staff Associate 845-365-4422
Van Lier-Walqui, Marcus Associate Research Scientist 212-678-5513
Varjian, Anna Coordinator, Financial Services 845-365-8885
Vasilaky, Kathryn Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-680-4461
Voigt, Aiko Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8571
Wang, Anyi Associate Research Scholar
Wang, Lei Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Wang, Min Staff Associate II 845-365-8374
Wang, Shujie Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wang, Xianfeng Adjunct Research Scientist 656/592-7809
Wang, Yunhe Staff Associate 845-365-8325
Watts, Anthony Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Wayne, Christopher Variable Hours Officer
Weihe, Richard Science Coordinator 212-854-8179
Weiss, Yaakov Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 97226584923
Weng, Ensheng Associate Research Scientist 212-678-5585
Westervelt, Daniel Lamont Assistant Research Professor 845-365-8194
White, Joselyn Able Bodied Seaperson
Wilding, John Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8427
Williams, A. Adjunct Research Scientist 845-365-8618
Wing, Allison Adjunct Research Scientist 850/644-2525
Wu, Jinghui Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8849
Wu, Yingzhe Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8569
Xu, Mu Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Yang, Chengshu Staff Associate 845-365-8354
Yoon, Liv Fellow, New York City Panel on Climate Change - Health Working Group (NPCC)
Young, Nicolas E. Lamont Associate Research Professor 845-365-8653
Yu, Jimin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 00610261259967
Yuan, Jing Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer 845-680-4491
Zaima-Sheehy, Laurel Program Manager, Non-Degree Programs 212-854-0641
Bose, Satyajit Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Widder, Lynnette Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Bordoff, Jason Professor of Professional Practice; Director (212) 851-0193
Fuchs, Ester Professor of International and Public Affairs (212) 854-3866
Schlenker, Wolfram Professor
Tjossem, Sara Senior Lecturer, International and Public Affairs
Deodatis, George Santiago and Robertina Calatrava Family Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics 2128549728
Gentine, Pierre Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering
McNeill, Faye Professor of Chemical Engineering
Aldrich, Tomara Program Coordinator, PhD Program in Sustainable Development
Bagilet, Vincent PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Braun, Thomas PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Bressler, R. Daniel (Danny) PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Du, Xinming PhD Student, Sustainable Development
du Puy, Tristan PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Erda, Tarikua PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Gonzalez Sutil, Gabriel PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Grosset, Florian PhD Student
Hayek, Carolyn PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Ho, Justin PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Kim, Hyae Ryung PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Marx, Nicolas PhD Student, Sustainable Development
McDevitt-Irwin, Jesse PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Mosisa Gofere, Solomon PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Obolensky, Marguerite PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Papp, Anna PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Smythe, Isabella Student
Tan, Eugene PhD Student
Wilson, Andrew PhD Student
Adetayo, Kemi Coordinator
Burger, Michael Senior Research Scholar; Lecturer in Law
O'Neill, Moira Associate Research Scholar
Turner, Amy Associate Research Scholar, Cities Climate Law Initiative
Webb, Romany Associate Research Scholar
Alexandrov, Mikhail Associate Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Barbara , John M.
Bauer, Michael Associate Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Bell, Kenneth
Bithi, De Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Booth , James
Braneon, Christian
Brown, Til-Shona
Cairns, Brian Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Canuto, Vittorio Adjunct Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Carlson, Barbara Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
Chowdhary, Jacek Research Scientist in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Colose, Christopher
Cowan, Tyler
Del Valle, Lilly
Dhungel, Shradda
Elsaesser, Gregory Associate Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Ferrier , Joseph
Field, Robert Associate Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Geogdzhayev, Igor Research Scientist in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Giarratanoy, Rosalba
Hall, Timothy Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
Hendrickson, Michael
Hosein, Jameel
Hosein, Sabrina
Howard, Armando
Ito, Gen
Jägermeyr, Jonas Associate Research Scientist
Jin, Zhonghai
Johannes, Quaas
Kelley, Maxwell
Lacis, Andrew
Leboissetier, Anthony
Lerner, Paul
Lo, Kwok-Wai Ken
Ma, Qiancheng
Matsos, Helen
Michaud, Emily
Mishchenko, Michael
Mora, Josefina
Naud, Catherine Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Orbe, Clara
Ottaviani, Matteo
Paurowski, Carolyn
Pearce, Matthew
Perlwitz, Jan
Rémillard, Jasmine
Romanou, Anastasia Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Ruedy, Reto
Russell, Gary
Schmunk, Robert
Shaikh, Wasim
Sinclair, Kenneth Associate Research Scientist
Sofge, Neal
Suarez, Angel
Tausnev, Nikolai
Torres, Nestor
Travis, Larry
Tropf, Derek
Tselioudis, George Adjunct Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Wai, Zoe
Wasilewski, Andrzej
Way, Michael 212-678-5665
Williams, James
Worrell, Ruben
Wu, Jingbo Associate Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Yao, Mao
Zakharova, Nadia
Zhang, Yuanchong
Navas-Acien, Ana Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
Neidell, Matthew Professor of Health Policy and Management
Shaman, Jeffrey Vice Dean
Sachs, Lisa Director; Research Scholar
Orff, Kate Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; Director of the Masters of Science Architecture and Urban Design Program
Usher, Bruce Professor of Professional Practice
Archibong, Belinda Assistant Professor of Economics 2128548952
Gondek, Adela Lecturer in the Discipline of Climate 2128543830
Uriarte, Maria Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Abernathey, Ryan Associate Professor 845-365-8185
Acosta, Kailani Graduate Student
Acquisto, Tanner Graduate Student
Anderson, Lloyd Graduate Student 845-365-8302
Austermann, Jacqueline Assistant Professor 845-365-8971
Babin, Daniel Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8189
Bailey, Shanice Graduate Student
Bohman, Shannon Staff Associate III 845-365-8360
Carchedi, Christopher Graduate Student
Case, Elizabeth Graduate Student
Cashman, Miranda Graduate Student
Chang, Clara Graduate Student
Commane, Roisin Assistant Professor
Creel, Roger Graduate Student
Deluca, Michael Graduate Student
Ducklow, Hugh Professor
Dyhrman, Sonya Professor
Eisenberger, Peter Professor
Ekstrom, Goran Professor
Fiore, Arlene Professor 845-365-8580
Follansbee, Emily Graduate Student
Gao, Chloe Graduate Student
Gemma, Marina Graduate Student
Gibson, James Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Giles, Sarah Graduate Student
Hemming, Sidney Professor 845-365-8417
Herman, Rebecca Graduate Student
Hinojosa, Monica Administrative Assistant
Hollyday, Andrew Graduate Student
Ivanovich, Catherine Graduate Student
Izaguierre, Ingrid Graduate Student 845-365-8302
Janoski, Tyler Graduate Student
Johns, Matthew Graduate Student
Juang, Caroline Graduate Student
Key, Kerry Associate Professor
Kim, Joohee Graduate Student 845-365-8917
Kingslake, Jonathan Associate Professor +1 845 365 8358
Kinney, Sean Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Lambert, Jonathan Graduate Student
Lee, Michelle Graduate Student
Leland, Caroline Lecturer
Lesk, Corey Graduate Student
Ludwig, Sarah Graduate Student
Lunstrum, Abby Graduate Student
Matthews, Kaleigh Director Academic Administration and Finance/Graduate Program Manager
McKinley, Galen Professor 845-365-8585
McManus, Jerry Professor and Chair 845-365-8722
Menke, William Professor 8453045381
Miller, Una Graduate Student
Miller, Ronald Adjunct Professor
Moseley, Lauren Graduate Student 845-365-8917
Mozumder, Md Graduate Student
Nettles, Meredith Professor
Norell, Mark Adjunct Professor
Oelkers, Rose Graduate Student
Okamoto, Kristina Graduate Student
O'Mara, Nicholas PhD Candidate
Ong, Maria Rosabelle Graduate Student
Oryan, Bar Graduate Student
Pallone, Celeste Graduate Student 845-365-8652
Plank, Terry Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor 845-365-8410
Polvani, Lorenzo Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel Professor of Geophysics
Rao, Mukund Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Tree Ring Lab
Sawi, Theresa Graduate Student
Scholz, Christopher Special Research Scientist 845-365-8360
Schwarzwald, Kevin Graduate Student
Spergel, Julian Graduate Student
Spiegelman, Marc Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor
Stubblefield, Aaron Graduate Student
Tao, Madankui Graduate Student
Towbin, Henry Graduate Student 845-365-8302
Trinh, Rebecca Graduate Student
Varuolo-Clarke, Arianna Graduate Student
Vivancos, Sebastian Graduate Student 845-365-8793
Walker, David Higgins Professor Emeritus 845-365-8658
Weiss, Thomas Graduate Student
Witte, Carson Graduate Student
Wong, Suki Graduate Student
Wu, Yingzhe Graduate Student
Yabyabin, Yasmin Business Officer
You, Yujia Graduate Student
Yu, Congyu Graduate Student
Zhou, Yuxin Graduate Student 845-365-8734
Zhuang, Jingyi Graduate Student
Chen, Jingguang Thayer Lindsley Professor of Chemical Engineering Vice Chair; Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering
Esposito, Daniel Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Marbella, Lauren Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Preindl, Matthias Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Steingart, Daniel Co-director of the Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center; Stanley-Thompson Associate Professor of Chemical Metallurgy
Urban, Alexander Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
West, Alan Co-Director
Xu, Bolun Assistant Professor
Yang, Yuan Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering 2128515935
Coleman, Jesse Associate Research Scholar; Lead Researcher
Cunha, Paulo Director of Operations
Mehranvar, Ladan Adjunct Associate Research Scholar; Senior Legal Researcher
Sauvant, Karl Lecturer; Senior Fellow
Siporin , Nancy Executive Coordinator
Sweat, Lisa Associate Director of Development and Strategy 
Szoke-Burke, Sam Lead Researcher
Toledano, Perrine Senior Staff Associate I; Director of Research and Policy 
Benoit, Philippe Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Cardenas, Mauricio Visiting Senior Research Scholar
Downs, Erica Senior Research Scholar
Elkind, Jonathan Senior Research Scholar 917-846-0504
Gardner, Jodi Senior Director of Development
Hill, David Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Jaffe, Amy Adjunct Research Scholar
Kah, Marianne Adjunct Senior Research Scholar>
Kaufman, Noah Research Scholar
Law, Chris Financial Assistant
Lott, Melissa Senior Research Scholar
McCormick, Jesse Executive Director of Strategy and Operations
Nelson, Christina Assistant Editorial Director
Nephew, Richard Senior Research Scholar; Adjunct Professor
Norfleet, Caitlin Events Manager
Qiu, Sally Staff Associate
Spector, Katherine Research Scholar
Robinson, Matthew Director of Research Publications
Shuboni, Simona Assistant Director of Development
Cooper-Newton, Eugenia Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Field, Tory Curriculum Development Manager
Gore, Karenna Director
Schwartz, Andrew Deputy Director
Apsan, Howard Lecturer
Degnan, Nancy Adjunct Associate Professor
Eren, Selcuk Adjunct Associate Professor
Kass, Lloyd Adjunct Associate Professor
Koike, Rebecca Adjunct Associate Professor
Musso, Michael Lecturer in Environmental Health Sciences and International and Public Affairs
Palmer, Matthew Senior Lecturer
Rosen, Louise Senior Associate Dean, Administrative Affairs; Lecturer
Kaul, Urvashi Adjunct Assistant Professor
McGinnis, Eileen
Stewart, Kendal Assistant Director
Corrêa d'Almeida, André Assistant Director
Nurul Alam, Mohammad Adjunct Associate Professor
Hoff, Karla Visiting Professor
Hollmann, Suzanne Director of the Capstone Program; Part-Time Lecturer
James, Wilmot Senior Research Scholar
Liu, Annie Lecturer
Someshwar, Shiv Visiting Professor
Martin, Miranda Editor, Physical and Life Sciences
Rivet, Ann Associate Professor of Science Education
Stephens, Rhiannon Associate Professor
Pizmony-Levy, Oren Associate Professor of International and Comparative Education 212-678-3180
Halff, Antoine Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Garvey, Ed Adjunct Research Scientist
Abdallah, Thomas Lecturer in Professional Studies
Bradford, Travis Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs
Charles-Guzman, Kizzy Lecturer in Professional Studies
Cook, Robert Lecturer in Professional Studies
DesRoches, Susanne Lecturer in Professional Studies
Dickinson, Jonathan Lecturer in Professional Studies
Dreifus, Claudia Lecturer
Fisher, Scott Lecturer in Professional Studies
Freed, Adam Lecturer in Professional Studies
Giuffrida, Daniel Lecturer in Professional Studies
Heil, Alexander Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs
Horsch, Richard Lecturer in Professional Studies
Kahn, Bruce Lecturer in Professional Studies
Karpati, Amy Lecturer in Continuing Education
LaRocco, Philip Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs and Professional Studies
Lawrence, Jenna Lecturer in Discipline of Climate
Merolla, Vance Lecturer in Continuing Education
Mirchandani, Bhakti Lecturer in Professional Studies
Pal, Indrani Lecturer in Professional Studies
Probst, Curtis Lecturer in Professional Studies
Riccio, Lucius Lecturer in the Discipline of International and Public Affairs
Schmidt, Ralph Lecturer in Professional Studies
Schwartz, Brad Lecturer in Professional Studies
Strickland, Carter Lecturer in Professional Studies
Vasiliadis, Haralambos Lecturer in Professional Studies
Gallay, Paul Senior Staff Associate III; Resilient Coastal Communities Project Leader 914-574-7331
Moresky, Rachel Associate Professor of Population and Family Health and Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center
Sommer, Marni Associate Professor of Sociomedical Sciences
Watson, Siobhan
Weinberg, Phil Adjunct Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Goldmark, Sandra Senior Assistant Dean, Interdisciplinary Engagement, Columbia Climate School
Diuk-Wasser, Maria Professor
Letourneau, Peter Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845 365 8621
Kurian, Jiny Human Resources Manager 212 853 7251
Tornow, Florian Associate Research Scientist
Sobel, Corey Technical Writer
Singh, Bohar Associate Research Scientist
Bennett, Elva Staff Associate
Magima, Nitin Staff Associate II
Grossi, Amanda Senior Staff Associate I
Karambelas, Alexandra Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Brenner, Logan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8727
Montagna, Paolo Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Basak, Chandranath Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Cipriani, Anna Adjunct Research Scientist 390592058449
Lee, Dong Adjunct Research Scientist
Figueroa-Salazar, Juan Applications Developer 845-365-8758
Werneck de Castro, Nina Lab Assistant
Sattelberger, Jonathan Lead System Engineer
Davis Jr., Steven Oiler
Robinson, Antwane Ordinary Seaperson
Chamberlain, Elizabeth Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Montelli, Aleksandr Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jerram, Matthew Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8918
Schiferl, Luke Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Lloyd, Andrew Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Nixon, Troy Research Staff Assistant
Miller, Emily Senior Research Staff Assistant
Uribe, Rafael Senior Research Staff Assistant
Morsink, Kalila Research Staff Assistant
Baird, Alexander Second Assistant Engineer
Lotz, Jonathan Second Mate
Colosio, Paolo Staff Associate
Luo, Yi Staff Associate II
Agee, Brian Marine Science Technician II, Office of Marine Operations
Sebach, Stefan Third Assistant Engineer
Sellers, Daniel Ordinary Seaperson
Dombrov, Maria Staff Associate II, Officer of Research
Wentzcovitch, Renata (212) 851-5938
Spinelli, Tara Associate Director, Digital Communications
Ivins, Dean Second Assistant Engineer
LaPorta, Philip Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 1-845-381-1702
Zheng, Cheng Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dumitru, Oana-Alexandra Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8984
Sweeney, Colm Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Mays, Jennifer Staff Associate II
Dietrich Brauch, Martin Associate Research Scholar; Lead Researcher
Fisher-Yoshida, Beth Professor of Professional Practice in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Agard-Jones, Vanessa Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Crossland, Zoë Associate Professor of Anthropology 212 854 7465
Munson, Charlotte Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives 212-854-7924
Bortfeld, Victoria Intern
Precht, Chandler Associate Director, External Affairs and Communications, Graduate Programs in Sustainability Management & Science 347-405-0573
Rodriguez, Vincente Second Assistant Engineer
Clemmons, Joseph Oiler
Burgos, David Second Assistant Engineer
Graham, Robert Chief Mate
Lyford, Jack Ordinary Seaperson
Lopez Luna, Jocely Francina Research Staff Assistant
Blanton, Erin Senior Research Scholar
Rajendran, Abhiram Adjunct Research Scholar
Kauffman, Richard Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Kleinberg, Robert Adjunct Senior Research Scholar 203-820-9022
LaFleur, Cheryl Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Smith, Elizabeth Executive Assistant
Nichols, Thresine Executive Assistant to the Founding Director
Hansen, Sean Staff Associate II 212.853.NCDP
Eldosougi, Ayah Program Coordinator
Hussain, Fahmida Business Officer
Yin, Huiming Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Bowen, Matthew Research Scholar
Désiré, Kaïme Senior Executive Assistant
Ruehl , Christof Senior Research Scholar
Cohan, Sean Third Mate
Lear, Garret Second Assistant Engineer
Bethlen, Christian Chief Mate
Singh, Vishaal Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Stanford, McKenna Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Woods, Shayona Utility
Esposito, Lauren Senior Project Manager 212.853.NCDP
Martinez, Juan Senior Research Staff Assistant
Munoz-Saez, Carolina Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Stein, Mordechai Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Bahlau, Cody Science Officer, Office of Marine Operations
Heffron, Erin Senior Staff Associate I
Ljunggren, Paul Senior Staff Associate II
Cottier, Fabien Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rhee, Tae Siek Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Tielke, Jacob Associate Research Scientist
Hayes, Griffin Able Bodied Seaperson
Badgley, Grayson Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bommer, Christian Third Mate
Harrison, Jamie Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Liang, Yu-Chiao Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Cao, Sean Software Developer 845-365-8339
Scholz, Serena Research Staff Assistant
Leong, James Andrew Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8793
Busecke, Julius Senior Staff Associate II
Atkinson, Lynsey Associate
Dace, Fransha Associate
Mauerman, Max Staff Associate III
Ouni, Souha Staff Associate II
Drennon, Hayley Senior Research Staff Assistant
Ercole-Poole, Katharine Associate
Chrjapin, Jeffrey Chief Mate
Oliver, Keith Ordinary Seaperson
Jacalan, Ernesto Oiler
Ru, Muye Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Almond, Doug Co-Director
Heal, Geoff
Bartels, Juliana Special Assistant
Bennington, Val Associate Research Scientist
Cotterill, Carol Associate Research Scientist 845-365-8190
Kodama, Samuel Research Staff Assistant
Pacheco-Solana, Arturo Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Gaytan, Jesus Administrator, Senior Staff Associate II, Office of Marine Operations
Time, Marcus Able Bodied Seaperson
Luber, George Third Mate
Warrenchuk, Nicholas First Assistant Engineer
Murphy, Leland Oiler
Roman, Alicia Senior Associate Dean
Resnick, Drew Staff Associate I
Gibson, James Research Staff Assistant (845)365-8986
Boateng, Festival Godwin
Engin, Hasim Geographic Information Specialist
Krasniqi, Qendresa Staff Associate II 212.853.NCDP
Hurley, Sarah Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8405
Benson, Thomas Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Behrouz-Ghayebi, Laudan Project Manager 212.853.NCDP
Pearson, Savannah Assistant to Director
Mardirossian, Nora Associate Research Scholar; Senior Legal Researcher
Rodriguez, Nilka Human Resources Generalist 845-365-8840
Buchanan, Paula Lead Instructor (212) 853-6237
Callaghan, Kerry Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Jones, Robert Oiler
Amakrane, Kamal Adjunct Professor
Avrami, Erica James Marston Fitch Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation
Cook, Elizabeth Assistant Professor in Environmental Science
Cook, Statia Lecturer in the Discipline of Astronomy
Csuka, Joleen Student
Doyle, Michael University Professor
Greaves-Peters, Natalie PhD student in Behavioral Nutrition
Hansen, Mark David and Helen Gurley Brown Professor of Journalism and Innovation; Director, David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute of Media Innovation
Hernandez, Diana Associate Professor, Sociomedical Sciences
Kipping, David Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Koch, Pamela Mary Swartz Rose Associate Professor of Nutrition Education
Landweber, Laura Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics and of Biological Sciences
Lovecchio, Johanna Director of Program Design 2128541816
McGovern, Terry Harriet and Robert Heilbrunn Professor and Chair, Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health
Naujoks, Daniel Lecturer
Pawlowski, Thaddeus Research Scholar
Scharf, Caleb Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Astronomy 2128544451
Simms, Angela Assistant Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies
Stockwell, Brent Professor of Biological Sciences and of Chemistry
Verdeli, Helen Associate Professor of Psychology and Education
Woo Baidal, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Pediatrics 2123055903
Zard, Monette Allan Rosenfield Associate Professor of Forced Migration and Health in the Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health at the Columbia University Medical Center
Ziska, Lewis Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
Zumwalt, Celeste Student
Yamauchi, Hatsuki Associate Research Scientist
Lindley, Vanessa Variable Hours Officer 212.853.NCDP
Graaf, Kevin Programmer/Analyst
Moussallam, Yves Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences 845-365-8710
Bragg, Lucia Project Manager (212) 853-4009
Kahn, Brian Lecturer
Brownell, Johanna Senior Executive Assistant
Stern, Charles Isaac Data Infrastructure Engineer
Črnivec, Nina Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wen, Tracy Senior Finance Manager/Department Administrator
Guarin, Jose Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rosario, Luz Senior Administrative Manager
Mohegh, Mohammadhassan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Fischer, Elizabeth Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Green, Daniel Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8542
Falsetta, Jennifer Research Staff Assistant
Nguyen, Hung Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8736
Buch, Jatan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Peña-Mora, Feniosky Edwin Howard Armstrong Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and Professor of Earth and Environmental Engineering and of Computer Science
Cole, Sarah Parr Professor of English and Comparative Literature; Dean of Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Gaikwad , Nikhar Assistant Professor of Political Science (212) 854 5921
Mandli, Kyle Associate Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics 212-854-4485
Ben Alon, Rachel Assistant Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; Director in the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Grapengeter, Janet Director of Design and Compliance, CU Facilities and Operations 212-851-9568
Otero-Pailos, Jorge Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; Director-MS in Historic Preservation Program; Director-PhD in Historic Preservation Program
Mylius, Ben Student, Political Science
Kross , Sara Lecturer in the Discipline of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Mazower, Mark Ira D. Wallach Professor of World Order Studies; Director, Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination
Negron-Muntaner, Frances Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Povinelli, Elizabeth Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology
Wenzel, Jennifer Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Chasin, Noah Adjunct Associate Professor of Art History and Archeology
Crist, Meehan Writer in Residence in Biological Sciences
Wolfe, Joshua Senior Strategic Advisor
Aronowsky, Leah Mellon Teaching Fellow in the Society of Fellows in the Humanities and Lecturer in History
Brownstein, Michael Associate Professor of Philosophy at John Jay College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
Fortna, V. Page Harold Brown Professor of US Foreign and Security Policy | Department of Political Science 212-854-0021
Murillo, Maria Victoria Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs
Shrader, Jeffrey Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs
Marwege, Rebecca PhD Candidate, Political Science
Zucker, Noah
Christianse, Yvette Professor
Funtleyder, Les Associate in Health Policy & Management
Ochoa Gautier, Ana Professor, Music
Willis, Chauncia Co-Founder and CEO of the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM)
Williams, John Associate Director, Student Affairs
Glover, Jim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Columbia Climate School
Galelli, Stefano Adjunct Research Scientist
Hemmati, Mona Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Lattimer, Kathryn Chief Strategy Officer
Oliver, Tanisha Associate Dean, Human Resources and Academic Appointments
Nelson, Claire Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wei, Li Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Glazer, Emily Graduate Student
Peccia, Ally Graduate Student 845-365-8652
Walther, Tess Graduate Student 845-365-8918
Shuck, Brandon Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Hazell, Felicia Senior Administrative Assistant, Columbia Climate School 347-934-7173
Francis, Christina Research Staff Assistant
Liljegren, Peter Staff Associate III
Leal, Annie Graduate Student 845-365-8572
Hosseini Narouei, Farideh Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Jones-Crank, Leah Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Singh, Hansi Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Mutch, Euan Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8328
Moore, Kari Administrative Manager
Zaman, Maheenuz Graduate Student
Savage, Janice Chief of Research Operations 845-365-8177
Balwada, Dhruv Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Wei, Dandan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Farrell, Timothy Major Gifts Officer
Lu, George Graduate Student
Gray, Pearl Assistant Program Director
McFarlane, Celeste Research Staff Assistant
Siew, Peter Yu Feng Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kolawole, Folarin Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Balkaran, Thalia Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wang, Kaiwen Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Roach, Lettie Associate Research Scientist
Potent, Jeffrey Adjunct Professor
Song, Dongping Graduate Student 845-365-8668
Raiter, Dana Graduate Student
Rowan, Christian Graduate Student
DeLessio, Maegan Graduate Student
Smith, Sarah Graduate Student
Angel Amaya, Jennifer Graduate Student 845-365-8454
Nielsen, Miriam Graduate Student
Baur, Jasper Graduate Student
Jacobson, Tess Graduate Student
Anderson, Hanna Graduate Student
Bartusek, Samuel Graduate Student
Alabweh, Zain Staff Associate II
Brayton, Casey Graduate Student
Houdyshell, Kristin Research Staff Assistant
Hallward-Driemeier, Andrew Research Staff Assistant
Hornedo, Naomi Senior Executive Assistant to the Director 845-365-8570
Bahadori, Alireza Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Vinueza, Brian Assistant Mechanic, Buildings & Grounds
Trotta, Natalie Assistant Director of Research Management & Leadership
Masterson, Nicholas Mechanic Trainee, Buildings & Grounds 845-365-8600
Davi, Adam Program Coordinator
Taylor, Chantel Senior Project Manager
Lopez Duarte, Maria Andrea Variable Hours Officer
Cotiangco, Gerald Career Development Officer
Montijo, Sylvia Program Manager
Gray, Maria Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability Management and Science
Herrera, Omar Events & Outreach Manager
Nero, Gwen Deputy Director, Industry Relations Group, Columbia Technology Ventures 917-242-2380
Dong, Yue Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Beaucé, Eric Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Sevilla, Magdaly Administrative Assistant
Dancy, Hannah Project Coordinator (212) 853-8041
Feliciano, Michael Director of Business Intelligence & Insight
Vazquez-Pichardo, Saul Talent Manager
Ayoub, Alfred Director of Admissions and Marketing
Mutlu-Eren, Hande Associate Dean
Flammer, Caroline Professor of International and Public Affairs and of Climate, School of International and Public Affairs
Cross, Tim Staff
Bansal, Aditi Staff Associate II
Beltran, Leonardo Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Cartwright, Nikia Senior Executive Assistant
Culang, Jeffrey Editor
Dabbar, Paul Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Deb, Kaushik Senior Research Scholar
Fell, Harrison Senior Research Scholar
Glynn, James Senior Research Scholar
Johnston, RJ Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Joseph, Ira Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Karl, Kevin Staff Associate III
Longobardi, Kathryn Staff Associate III
Milakofsky, Ben Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor
Moerenhout, Tom Research Scholar
Morales, Domingo Assistant Director of Human Resources
Ochu, Emeka Staff Associate III
Ogbmei, Ariwoola Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Palacios, Alzuru Senior Research Scholar
Peek, Alexandra Staff Associate II
Propp, Daniel Special Assistant
Sukhanova, Maria Director of Finance and Administration
Tarbox, Jocelyn Assistant Director of Development, Corporate Partnerships and Foundations
Taveras, Jennifer Executive Assistant
Verhoeven, Harry Senior Research Scholar
Volk, Natalie Associate Director of Communications and Media Relations
Wu, Jennifer Special Assistant-Carbon Management Research Initiative (CaMRI)
Arnold, Jack Program Associate
Diaz, Avriel Graduate Student
Gonzales, Julia Graduate Student
Hogan, Lindsay Graduate Student
Slibeck, Bennett Graduate Student
Weinstein, Gabriel Graduate Student 845-365-8793
Yang, Benjamin PhD Student
Berestycki , Clara PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Deshwal, Abhishek PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Lu, Jessie PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Norman, Maya PhD Student, Sustainable Development
Antonia Tigre, Maria Associate Research Scholar, Global Climate Litigation Fellow
Elkin, Jacob Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Lee, Jae Won Graduate Student
Lee, Hyun Joo Graduate Student
Tweedy, Ruth Graduate Student
Le, Huy Graduate Student 646-309-2556
Penrose, Laura Graduate Student 845-365-8572
Raheja, Garima Graduate Student
Chesley, Christine Graduate Student
Garcia Franco, Jorge Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ferland, Troy Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Powell, Evelyn Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Fridhandler, Brendan Driver, Traffic 8453658864
Rosa, Ty Associate Director of Research Initiatives
Clint, Haley Manager of Administration & Outreach
Wannebo, Antoinette Technical Manager
Reinmann, Andrew Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Vazquez, Alejandro Administrative Manager 212-854-3893
Joshi, Rajiv Associate Dean
Cherpanath, Angel Director of Finance and Administration 845-365-8603
Martens, Jannik Postdoctoral Research Fellow (845) 365-8321
Ionescu-Albu, Monica Division Administrator 845-365-8518
Curtin, Heather Variable Hours Officer
Adelman, Caroline Associate Director, Strategic Communications and Media Relations
Rabinowitz, Darren Graduate Assistant
Verschueren, Carine Researcher
Kessler, Erika Research Assistant
Torres, Christina Student
Gehring, Lyndsay Manager of Special Projects
Smith, Pamela Seth Low Professor of History
Sulik, Jozef Senior Project Manager, Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience
Surman, Caroline Project and Communications Coordinator
Elshakry, Marwa Associate Professor of History
Gottlieb, Jacqueline Professor of Neuroscience (in the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute)
Jones, Matthew James R. Barker Professor of Contemporary Civilization, Department of History
Lean, Eugenia Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures; Director; Weatherhead East Asian Institute
Whitman, Madisson Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Miller, Melinda Senior Associate Director 212-854-7211
Novo, Ariana Student
Roberts, Samuel Associate Professor of History, Sociomedical Sciences and of African American and African Diaspora Studies
Rosenkranz, Naomi Assistant Director, Making and Knowing Project
Rosner, David Ronald H. Lauterstein Professor of Sociomedical Sciences and Professor of History
Sivaramakrishnan, Kavita Associate Professor of Sociomedical Sciences
Wang, Chengcheng Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Choe, Sae byul Staff Associate I
Miasoiedova, Mariana Administrative Coordinator (845)365-8988
Neumann, Nicole Staff Associate I
Furtado, Marcelo
Paxton, Anne
Hartley, Rob Assistant Professor of Social Work
Custodio-Lumsden, Christie Associate Research Scientist
Orjuela, Manuela
Albrecht, Sandra
Kurgan, Laura Professor of Architecture
Corlett, Sean Chief of Staff, Office of Dean Bordoff
Martinez, Lydia Administrative Coordinator 212-854-3830
Zeltser, Yana Program Manager
Chipman, Hanna Program Manager 718-316-3027
Bellamy, Stacey Administrative Manager
Lugo, Maya Assistant Director
Mills, Shenell Human Resources Manager
Bacon, Conor Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Cha, Catherine Manager of Communications & Knowledge Transfer, Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP)
Wu, Yujing Staff Associate II
Guo, Xiu Yun Accounts Payable Coordinator
Muhammad, Steven Assistant Director of Grant Administration
Tempro, Quincy Assistant Director of Finance and Operations
Douglass, Kristina Associate Professor of Climate 347-821-6584
Kenneally, Jennifer Administrative Manager
Bouhassira, Elza Senior Editor at GlacierHub Blog on State of the Planet
Assali, Hadeel Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Gibson, Lydia Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Perera, Dilshanie ACLS Teaching Fellow
Petriello, Michael Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Batidzirai, Thomson Senior Manager of Proposal Development 973-420-2052
Zarrilli, Daniel Special Advisor, Climate and Sustainability
Pearce, Dean Director of Capital Planning & Facilities Strategy 845-365-8843
Dermakardijian, Christine Administrative Assistant
Haynes, Laura Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Tan, Yen Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Davis, Dylan Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Climate 2128543830
Thompson, Katharine Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Faculty of Climate 2128543830
Lin, Jonathan Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Krasnoff, Samuel Software Developer
Kinkela, John Senior Staff Associate II
Heimdal, Thea Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ip, Cindy Program Manager, M.S. Sustainability Management and M.S. Sustainability Science
Heeter, Karen Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Larochelle, Stacy Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Walkes, Skyller Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Antibias 2128543830
Rodriguez-Perez, Elizabeth Director of Strategic Projects 212-853-7250
Tracey, John Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ajala, Rasheed Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Goldberg, Hannah Staff Associate I 845-365-8406
Seibert, Chloe Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Gan, Linfan Staff Associate II (Instructional Designer) (212) 853-6237
Seeteram, Nadia Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rodriguez, Melissa Assistant Director of Registration Services, Scheduling, and Data 2128542669
Valdez, Regina Assistant to the Director 2128540362
Lin, Yuan-Jen Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Hammond, Keiji Research Staff Assistant 8453658537
Sawant, Amol Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Reeves, Anne Administrative Assistant 845-365-8600
Reilly, Brendan Lamont Assistant Research Professor 845-365-8388
Rukovets, Olga Variable Hours Officer - Assistant Editor
McQuade, Mikaela Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor
Mannis, Melissa Project Manager
Baird, Nicolas Graduate Student
Samara, Aandishah Graduate Student
Lee, Simon Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Chatterjee, Trinish Graduate Student, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES)
Simpson, Julia Graduate Student
Clerc, Fiona Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Martin, Emily Intern
Sprott, Dante' Associate Manager, Human Resources
Tang, Linyao Manager, Financial Operations 845-365-8409
Santin, Eulalia Associate Director, Finance & Administration
Shi, Sarah Senior Research Staff Assistant 845 365 8410
Dupuis, Christopher Software Engineer
Poulaki, Eirini Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bao, Jingjing Senior Project Coordinator
Linsenmeier, Manuel Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Owusu, Aisha Lecturer
Singh, Roop Associate in Earth and Environmental Sciences
Meola, Abby Project Coordinator (212) 853-6237
Parr, Josephine Executive Director of External Affairs and Communication
Chen, Anelise Assistant Professor of Fiction in the School of Arts
Hughes, Emlyn Professor of Physics at Columbia University 2128540796
Lee, Ana Paulina Associate Professor in the Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Lopez, Nicola Associate Professor of Visual Arts
Minow Smith, Darby MFA Graduate in Nonfiction
Walters, Wendy Associate Professor of Nonfiction in the Writing Program, Director of Nonfiction
Fox, Aaron Associate Professor of Music, Director of Center for Ethnomusicology
Witgen, Michael Professor of History
Bourtsalas, Thanos Lecturer in Sustainable Development and Circular Economy 929-428-9737
Chandran, Kartik Professor, Earth & Environmental Engineering
Crowther, Andrew Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Barnard College
Leeman-Neill, Rebecca Assistant Professor, Pathology & Cell Biology, CUMC
Min, Wei Professor, Chemistry
Orton, Philip Research Associate Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology 201-216-8095
Patra, Partha Associate Research Scientist, Earth & Environmental Engineering
Pearson, Brandon Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, CUMC
Re, Diane Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, CUMC
Silverman-Roati, Korey Climate Law Fellow
Somasundaran, Ponisseril Earth & Environmental Engineering
Stapleton, Phoebe Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Albin-Lackey, Christopher Associate Research Scholar; Director of Programs
Brennan, Grace Program Associate
Agrawal, Hansika Postdoctoral Research Scholar; Legal Researcher
Biberman, John Senior Staff Associate I; Senior Associate
Wallis, Lara Associate Research Scholar; Senior Legal Researcher
Songy, Madeleine Program Associate
Akwii, Esther Postdoctoral Research Scholar; Legal Researcher
Chester, Sam Graduate Student
Garcia Lopez, Alan Graduate Student
Hagemeier, Andrew Davis Graduate Student
Ibirogba, Abiola Graduate Student
Kime, Meredith Graduate Student
Lewright, Lauen Merrick Graduate Student
Liu, Junzhe (Jerry) Graduate Student
Parsells, Alexander Graduate Student
Randolph, Clare Graduate Student
Rolea, Adelina Graduate Student
Stein, Redmond (Red) Graduate Student
Sugiura, Ibuki Graduate Student
Zhao, Yuwei Graduate Student
Anyanwu, Chiamaka Dean Fellow
McCadney, Ryshelle Adjunct Associate Professor
Pincus, Maya Science Communications Officer
Celnick, Mollie Senior Staff Associate I
Cristea-Platon, Alexandra Administrative Assistant
Chen, Shichao Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Salazar Ballesteros, Dante Staff Associate I 845-680-4461
Cintron Rodriguez, Isatis Staff Associate II
Marshall, Kasheba Associate Director
Hanawalt, Cynthia Senior Fellow
Garcia, Eleonor Fellow, Initiative on Climate Risk & Resilience Law
Lockman, Felix Climate Law Fellow
Nishi, Andrea Climate Justice Fellow
Arlota, Carolina Associate Research Scholar
Eisenson, Matthew Fellow, Renewable Energy Legal Defense Initiative
Barry, Margaret Climate Litigation Database Associate; Environmental Law Writer at Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, LLP
Brody-Barre, Andrea Assistant Editor
Ferlazzo, Amanda Director of Energy Training and Partnerships
Manos, Alice Assistant Director of Social Media and Content
Ortiz, Arjayla Events Coordinator
Srivastava Sussman, Deepali Research and Blog Editor
Funkhouser, Erik Managing Director, Carbontech Development Initiative
Kokkinos, Gerasimos Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs
Cornwell, John Associate Director, Carbontech Development Initiative
Weis, Jessica Program Director, Women in Energy Program
Banegas, Kelly Executive Assistant
Thomas, Kharla Events Coordinator
Munroe, Nicolle Assistant Director of Events
Coon, Teresa Senior Executive Assistant
Clarke, Yvette Executive Assistant
Corbeau, Anne-Sophie Senior Research Scholar
Duhalt Gomez, Adrian Research Scholar
Greene, Aine Staff Associate III
McKenna, Catherine Adjunct Senior Research Scholar
Jain, Gautam Senior Research Scholar
Bataille, Christopher Adjunct Research Fellow
Ng, Alyssa Research Associate
Shah, Aniket Adjunct Assistant Professor
Tantoco, Minerva Adjunct Professor
McCann, Samantha Lecturer
Greenberg, Allison Lecturer
Hollander, Jonathan Lecturer
Paul, Gerry
Bhattacharyya, Sujoy PhD Student
Choi, Jun Ho PhD Student
Farkas, Hannah PhD Student
Hemati, Hasti PhD Student
Hogan, Dylan PhD Student
Jeong, Hayeon PhD Student
Li, Ruixie PhD Student
Thies, Stephan PhD Student
Wang, Fanyu PhD Student
Zuniga Valladares, Roberto PhD Student
Aykan, Sonay Lecturer in Professional Studies
Azoulay, Danielle Lecturer in Professional Studies
Belal, Ammar Lecturer in Professional Studies
Bridges, Allison Lecturer in Professional Studies
Caggiano, Holly Lecturer in Professional Studies
Clarke, Peter Lecturer in Professional Studies
Cline, Elizabeth Lecturer in Professional Studies
Fubini, Franco Lecturer in Professional Studies
Gafni, Noa Lecturer in Professional Studies
Givens-Davidson, Donna Lecturer in Professional Studies
Chawda, Pooja Lecturer in Professional Studies
Gordon, Adam Lecturer in Professional Studies
Greene, Jennye Lecturer in Professional Studies
Gulick, Rhiannon Lecturer in Professional Studies
Howard, Sarah Operations Coordinator, Senior Vice Dean's Office (212) 853-2089
Hoyte, Shaun Lecturer in Professional Studies
Huda, Sophia Lecturer in Professional Studies
Barlow, Jasmine Business Manager
Lu, George Graduate Student
Irvine, Jeffrey Lecturer in Professional Studies
Mangut, Lauretta Graduate Student
Kananagh, Brian Lecturer in Professional Studies
Di Salvatore, Lea Postdoctoral Research Scholar; Legal Researcher
Kerschner, Seth Lecturer in Professional Studies
Klatt, Suzanne Lecturer in Professional Studies
Marcotullio, Peter Adjunct Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Mathis, Daniel Lecturer in Professional Studies
Meinke, Ryan Lecturer in Professional Studies
Mohensi-Cheraghlou, Amin Lecturer in Professional Studies
Moud, Kamyar Lecturer in Professional Studies
Ortiz, Fernando Lecturer in Professional Studies
Popa, Laura Lecturer in Professional Studies
Reiss, Julie Lecturer in Professional Studies
Leslie, Rich Lecturer in Professional Studies
Rohleder, Nicholaus Lecturer in Professional Studies
Sahagian, Thomas Lecturer in Professional Studies
Salama, Celine Lecturer in Professional Studies
Ensari Sucuolglu, Elif Lecturer in Professional Studies
Thurston, Jessica Lecturer in Professional Studies
Trushell, Diana Lecturer in Professional Studies
Wasser, Jessica Lecturer in Professional Studies
Chyong, Kong Senior Research Scholar
Herrera, Justine Sr. Director, Graduate Programs
Daina, Nicolo Research Scientist
Hapgood, Wendy Lecturer in Professional Studies
Fan, Zhiyuan Research Associate
Jafari, Taiba Research Associate
Jobet, Juan Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Pilar, Kartik Senior Research Associate
Rivera Rivota, Diego Staff Associate III
Thyagaraju Ponangi, Rama Research Associate
Rhodes, Joshua Non-Resident Fellow
Wu, Zhaoyu Special Assistant to the Research Director
Young, Karen Senior Research Scholar
Zhang, Ziwei Research Associate
Annunziato, Marisa Education Program Assistant (845) 536-5339
Purdum, Katharine Variable Hours Officer
Jiang, Yelin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Call, Nicholas Coordinator of Marine Recruitment and Staffing 845-365-8456
Krishna, Adithya Intern
Strong, Alexander Systems Analyst/Programmer
Boston, Brian Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Telesca, Luca Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Nicholas, Sarah Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Blakeley, Sarah Associate Research Scientist
Ishan, Irina Research Staff Assistant
Pelaccio, Nicholas Staff Associate II
Sarro, Caitlin Program Manager
Phillips, Lisa Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships
Ellis, Rodbert Director of Executive Education Administration
Chuang, Wayne Integration Engineer, Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP)
Kozlowski, Natalie Staff Associate II
Ko, Joseph Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Loftus, Kaitlyn Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Green, Camilla Research Staff Assistant
Negash, Enquye Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Appah-Gyamfi, Christine Adjunct Assistant Professor of Climate
Chang, Bora Lecturer in Climate
Sandoval-Rzepka, Linette Senior Manager Pre-Award 845-365-8829
Dorey, Alexander Software Developer
Denoon, Paul Senior Advisor, Executive Education
Prince, Caroline Associate Director of Donor Relations
Trimble, Timothy Night Supervisor 845-365-8418
Barkan, Elazar Professor
Barham, Elena PhD Student
Allen, Mea Senior Trainer
Paredes Villanueva, Kathelyn Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Villafana Dias, Damaris Variable Hours Officer
Merceron, Georges Senior Trainer, Variable Hours Officer
Antone, Martin Senior Trainer, Variable Hours Officer 920-883-6575
Davidson, Verlene Variable Hours Officer
Freihardt, Jan Staff Associate II
Duijne, Robbin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Clifton, Olivia Associate Research Scientist
Yang, Meijian Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Leitmann-Niimi, Nicolas Staff Associate I
Asan, Jamie Research Staff Assistant
Hoffman, Andrew Staff Associate II
Vergara Benjume, Charly Variable Hours Officer
Sevilla, Laisa Education and Outreach Administrator
Danninger, Griffin Systems Engineer/Programmer
Saxena, Gunjan Variable Hours Officer
Gaddy, Jonathan Variable Hours Officer
Gmelch, Peter Project Officer 929-353-2680
Yin, Cong Staff Associate II
Sutherland, Hope Variable Hours Officer
Margaux, Alfare
Bender, Courtney Professor
Caglioti, Angelo Assistant Professor, Barnard College
Clavijo, Araceli Visiting Researcher
Engelke, Matthew Professor of Religion; Director, Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life
Garner, Anna PhD Student
Gazmararian, Alexander PhD Student
Ghoche, Ralph Assistant Professor
Groves, Dylan PhD Student
Holloway, Marguerite Professor of Professional Practice in the Faculty of Journalism; Co-Director, MA Science Journalism Program; Provost's Senior Faculty Teaching Scholar
Izmirlieva, Valentina Professor of Slavic Language
Lajus, Julia Visiting Associate Professor of History
Mahadevan, Pria Deanna PhD Student
Riaz, Zara PhD Student
López, Riley Technician II, Office of Marine Operations
Slonaker, Michael First Assistant Engineer, Office of Marine Operations