Mr. Anthony G. Barnston

Variable Hours Officer, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), Columbia Climate School

222 Monell
61 Route 9W
PO Box 1000
Palisades, NY 10964


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Atlantic Multidecadal Variability as a modulator of the precipitation variability in the continental US 2018
Multiscale Variability in North American Summer Maximum Temperatures and Modulations from the North Atlantic Simulated by an AGCM 2018
Northern hemisphere tropical cyclones during the quasi-El Niño of late 2014 2016
Capacity development through the sharing of climate information with diverse user communities 2014
Climate information, outlooks, and understanding–where does the IRI stand? 2014
Evaluation of IRI's seasonal climate forecasts for the extreme 15% tails 2011
Emerging La Niña conditions in the equatorial Pacific : notes for the health community 2010
Experimental dynamical seasonal forecasts of tropical cyclone activity at IRI 2009
The role of ENSO in understanding changes in Colombia's annual malaria burden by region, 1960–2006 2009
Verification of the First 11 Years of IRI’s Seasonal Climate Forecasts 2009
Clustering of eastern North Pacific tropical cyclone tracks: ENSO and MJO effects 2008
Description and Skill Evaluation of Experimental Dynamical Seasonal Forecasts of Tropical Cyclone Activity at IRI 2008
Estimation of Seasonal Precipitation Tercile-Based Categorical Probabilities from Ensembles 2007
Malaria Stratification, Climate, and Epidemic Early Warning in Eritrea 2007
Tropical cyclone genesis potential index in climate models 2007
Diagnosis of Anomalous Winter Temperatures over the Eastern United States during the 2002/03 El Niño 2006
A statistical assessment of tropical cyclone activity in atmospheric general circulation models 2005
Improving Seasonal Prediction Practices Through Attribution of Climate Variability 2005
Statistical–Dynamical Seasonal Forecasts of Central-Southwest Asian Winter Precipitation 2005
Properties of Tropical Cyclones in Atmospheric General Circulation Models 2004
Evaluation of the IRI's “Net Assessment” Seasonal Climate Forecasts: 1997–2001 2003
Multimodel Ensembling in Seasonal Climate Forecasting at IRI 2003
Changes in the Spread of the Variability of the Seasonal Mean Atmospheric States Associated with ENSO 2000
Simulation Skills of the SST-Forced Global Climate Variability of the NCEP–MRF9 and the Scripps–MPI ECHAM3 Models 2000