Dr. Christoph Johannes Meinrenken

Associate Professor of Practice, M.S. in Sustainability Management, School of Professional Studies

Principal Investigator, Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management (SPM)

Columbia Climate School

Academic Director, M.S. Information & Knowledge Strategy (IKNS),

School of Professional Studies

Affiliate, Data Science Institute


Christoph Meinrenken is Associate Professor of Practice in Columbia's Faculty of Professional Studies, Principal Investigator at the Climate School, Academic Director of the M.S. degree in Information & Knowledge Strategy, and Affiliate of the Foundations of Data Science Center at the Data Science Institute. Meinrenken also co-chairs the Columbia University Seminar on Complexity Science, Modeling and Sustainability.

His research focuses on computer modeling to elucidate and improve the techno-economic performance of low carbon energy systems. Recent and current research projects include electricity arbitrage in smart buildings (DoE, NSF, NYSERDA, NIST), electrification of the transportation sector, synthetic fuels (ABB, Electricity de France), and automated product carbon footprinting (PepsiCo Inc., IBM). An expert in Life Cycle Assessment and enterprise-scale product analytics, he has worked with the World Resources Institute, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and The Sustainability Consortium, and consulted several globally operating consumer goods manufacturers.

Before joining Columbia, Meinrenken worked on modeling molecular spectra (MSE, Princeton University, 1996) and computational neuroscience (PhD Physics, Max Planck Institute, 2001). In addition to academic research and teaching, Meinrenken spent several years in the private sector, specializing in financial engineering and risk management.


Only select projects listed below
Name Start Date End Date
Advanced Peak Demand Forecast and Battery Dispatch Algorithms to Integrate Storage-Based Demand Response with Building Automation Systems 6/15/15 8/31/17
A Proposal to Demonstrate Air Capture Technology 2/1/15 1/31/17
Air Capture of CO2: Technological and economic feasibility study of various end-to-end process alternatives 1/1/13 5/31/14
Analyzing Sustainability Plans for PepsiCo International Operations 9/1/07 12/31/13
Carbon Catalogue - product carbon footprints
GHG of electric vehicles
Intra and Inter Building control algorithms and smartgrid communication links to facilitate electricity storage in buildings 1/1/12 12/29/13
Master's of Science in Carbon Management program (MCM) 5/1/11 6/30/20
RCN-SEES: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage 9/1/12 8/31/16
Reducing plug-load electricity footprint of residential buildings through low-cost, non-intrusive sub-metering and personalized feedback technology 9/1/16 12/30/22
Smart building demand response with battery storage and curtailment 4/1/15 10/31/19
SRN: Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy and Livable Cities 8/21/15 7/31/20
Sustainability Plans for PepsiCo International 1/1/08 12/31/13
Towards publicly available, trusted product carbon footprints (PCFs) 1/1/21 12/31/23
Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Consumer Products (under development) 1/1/20
Life cycle environmental and cost impacts of re-usable beverage cup systems 8/1/23 7/31/24
Scientific review of the Sustainability Boosting ProgramĀ® of Enel X Global Retail 12/1/22 12/31/23