Dr. Daniel Osgood

Senior Research Scientist, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), Columbia Climate School

Lead, Financial Instruments Sector Team

220 Monell
P.O. Box 1000
61 Route 9W
Palisades, NY 10964


Daniel Osgood leads the Financial Instruments Sector Team at IRI, linking climate information to financial tools to improve livelihoods in developing countries. His team supports most of the index insurance projects that have gone to scale, with hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers purchasing index insurance contracts they have helped design through farmer-driven, science-based processes, leading to significant development impacts. His research topics include uncertainty in decision-making, environmental valuation, remote sensing proxies, information, and work specific to index insurance and economic development. He has been involved in global policy processes such as the UNFCCC, with projects he works on highlighted by Ban Ki-moon in the opening speech at the 2015 Paris COP. He has had press coverage in venues spanning Voice of America, Al Jazeera, the Guardian, Nature, New York Times, and Reuters.


Only select projects listed below
Name Start Date End Date
Awareness Training: Data in Index Insurance 10/25/16 12/31/16
Building Resilience Among Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Colombia 6/1/17 7/31/18
CCAFS Flagship 4: Climate Risk Management 1/1/17 12/31/22
Climate Insurance Product Design in Peru 3/26/18 12/31/18
Crop Insurance - Columbia 5/20/15 10/31/15
CS4D: Climate Resiliency and Index Insurance for Small Farmers 4/1/15 6/30/17
Evaluation of Remote Sensing for Index Insurance 9/1/14 9/30/15
Evaluation of Remote Sensing for Index Insurance in Kenya 6/1/11 4/30/14
Evaluation of Remote Sensing for Index insurance in Kenya 5/1/14 4/30/17
Feasibility Study Agricultural Insurance in Bolivia 3/21/16 6/30/16
Feasibility Study for Climate Insurance in Ecuador 12/12/16 5/31/17
General IRI Technical Support for HARITA Micro-Insurance 5/16/12 5/31/13
Improving Climate Risk Management Tools for the Agricultural Sector in Asia 3/1/17 2/29/20
Index Design and Validation Technical Assistance 9/1/18 9/30/19
Index Insurance and Non-commercial Pilot for the Livestock Sector in Chile 6/1/17 12/31/17
Index Insurance for the Agricultural Sector in General America 7/1/14 11/30/15
Index Insurance for the Agricultural Sector in Niger 11/1/14 6/30/15
Insurance Intermediary/Broker-Request for Expression of Interest 1/14/14 12/31/17
Linking Remote Sensing Data and Energy Balance Models for Scalable agriculture Insurance Systems for sub-Saharan Africa 1/17/14 1/16/18
Next Generation Drought Index Conceptual Study 3/26/19 2/28/21
Operation Gridded Dataset of Daily Precipitation over Latin America (LatAm Dataset) 6/1/17 6/1/18
R4 Rural Resilience Initiative Ethiopia 11/1/13 12/31/14
R4 Rural Resilience Initiative Senegal 9/15/13 6/14/14
Remote Sensing Service Provider Methodology and Work Plan in support of the IFAD-WFP Weather Risk Management 7/1/13 12/31/13
Research to Understand the Impact of More Timely Post-Disaster Reconstruction of Public Assets 7/16/15 3/31/16
RFP Number N99-13-037 Risk Transfer Services 10/20/14 10/19/19
Satellite Technologies, Innovative and Smart Financing for Food Security (SATISFy) 8/15/16 6/30/18
Stakeholder Engagement through the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) 9/17/12 3/31/14
The Cost Effectiveness of Integrating Weather Index Agricultural Insurance into the Productive Safety Program in Ethiopia 10/1/15 12/31/17
The Drought Risk Financing Science Laboratory (DRiSL) 1/1/18 3/31/20
Using Satellites to Make Index Insurance Scalable 9/13/11 9/12/13
CIAT Honduras
Index Insurance for Agricultural Sector in Central America
Provision of Index Insurance and Risk Transfer Services for R4 Rural Resilience Initiative in Mozambique 7/30/19 5/31/20
Index Insurance for Risk Transfer 11/14/19 11/13/22
Adaptation of Agricultural Value Chains to Climate Change (PrAda) 12/1/19 5/31/21
Using Earth Observations and Statistical Models to Enhance Drought, Food Security, and Agricultural Outlooks in Eastern and Southern Africa 11/1/19 10/31/21
Index Insurance for Risk Transfer - Mozambique, Maputo 9/11/20 6/30/21
Index Insurance for Risk Transfer - Senegal 8/28/20 12/31/20
Index Insurance for Risk Transfer - Madagascar, Antananarivo 10/15/20 6/30/21
Boosting Agriculture Risk Mitigation in Bangladesh through Index Insurance for Smallholders 10/1/20 9/30/22
Index Insurance for Risk Transfer - Malawi, Lilongwe 11/14/19 11/13/22
Elements: Open-Source Cyberinfrastructure as a Decision Engine for Socioeconomic Disaster Risk (DESDR) 10/1/21 9/30/24
SERVIR West Africa Phase 2 6/15/23 3/14/27
Boosting Financial Inclusion and Resilience: Improving Smallholder Access to Improved, Farmer-Centered Insurance Products 7/1/23 6/30/25
Development of Digital Early Warning Services against Severe Weather Risk and of Multi-hazard Contingency Plans for Climate Risk Preparedness in Niger, Kenya and Madagascar 9/15/23 12/29/23
Risk Transfer Documentation for Rwanda 12/1/22 2/28/23
Long Island Sound Mapping - Phase 2 7/30/20 12/31/22