Dennis V. Kent

Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, Biology and Paleo Environment, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), Columbia Climate School

Paleomagnetics Lab, LDEO
61 Route 9W
Palisades, NY 10964


Dennis V. Kent is Adjunct Senior Research Scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University and Board of Governors Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University. He is an author of more than 300 journal and book articles with nearly 40,000 citations and an h-index of over 90 on Google Scholar dealing with paleogeography, paleoclimate and the long-term carbon cycle, polar wander, geomagnetic paleosecular variation and the tempo of polarity reversals, and other aspects of Earth magnetism.

Kent has served as a member and a chair of the governing boards of the Joint Oceanographic Institutions and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International; as elected president of the Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism Section of AGU; as elected member-at-large of the section on Geology and Geography of AAAS; and on the editorial advisory board of the Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Kent is married and they have a married daughter and live in Piermont, New York.


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Hominin population bottleneck coincided with migration from Africa during the Early Pleistocene ice age transition 2024
Adria in Mediterranean paleogeography, the origin of the Ionian Sea, and Permo-Triassic configurations of Pangea 2022
Arctic ice and the ecological rise of the dinosaurs 2022
Paleomagnetic Constraints From South Georgia On The Tectonic Reconstruction Of The Early Cretaceous Rocas Verdes Marginal Basin System Of Southernmost South America 2022
Planetary chaos and inverted climate phasing in the Late Triassic of Greenland 2022
A Late Permian paleopole from the Ikakern Formation (Argana basin, Morocco) and the configuration of Pangea 2021
A new vertebrate fossil-bearing layer in the Rhætelv Formation (Kap Stewart Group) of central East Greenland: evidence of a Hettangian marine incursion into the continental Jameson Land Basin 2021
Latitudinal land–sea distributions and global surface albedo since the Cretaceous 2021
Northward dispersal of dinosaurs from Gondwana to Greenland at the mid-Norian (215–212 Ma, Late Triassic) dip in atmospheric pCO2 2021
RESET: A Method to Monitor Thermoremanent Alteration in Thellier-Series Paleointensity Experiments 2021
LA-ICPMS U-Pb geochronology of detrital zircon grains from the Coconino, Moenkopi, and Chinle Formations in the Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona) 2020
Pangea B and the Late Paleozoic Ice Age 2020
Reservoir and sealing properties of the Newark rift basin formations: Implications for carbon sequestration 2020
Testing the occurrence of Late Jurassic true polar wander using the La Negra volcanics of northern Chile 2020
Triassic lithostratigraphy of the Jameson Land Basin (central East Greenland), with emphasis on the new Fleming Fjord Group 2020
U-Pb zircon geochronology and depositional age models for the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation (Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, USA): implications for Late Triassic paleoecological and paleoenvironmental change 2020
A candidate GSSP for the base of the Anisian from Kçira, Albania 2019
Adria as promontory of Africa and its conceptual role in the Tethys Twist and Pangea B to Pangea A transformation in the Permian 2019
Jurassic Monster Polar Shift Confirmed by Sequential Paleopoles From Adria, Promontory of Africa 2019
Magnetochronology of the Entire Chinle Formation (Norian Age) in a Scientific Drill Core From Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona, USA) and Implications for Regional and Global Correlations in the Late Triassic 2019
Mapping solar system chaos with the Geological Orrery 2019
New magnetobiostratigraphic results from the Ladinian of the Dolomites and implications for the Triassic geomagnetic polarity timescale 2019
Temporal and Stratigraphic Framework for Paleoanthropology Sites Within East-Central Area 130, Koobi Fora, Kenya 2019
Anomalous Late Jurassic motion of the Pacific Plate with implications for true polar wander 2018
Colorado Plateau Coring Project, Phase I (CPCP-I): A continuously cored, globally exportable chronology of Triassic continental environmental change from Western North America 2018
Early hominins in Europe: The Galerian migration hypothesis 2018
Empirical evidence for stability of the 405-kiloyear Jupiter-Venus eccentricity cycle over hundreds of millions of years 2018
Forward modeling of thermally activated single-domain magnetic particles applied to First Order Reversal Curves 2018
New early Permian paleopoles from Sardinia confirm intra-Pangea mobility 2018
An early Brunhes (<0.78 Ma) age for the Lower Paleolithic tool-bearing Kozarnika cave sediments, Bulgaria 2017
Astrochronostratigraphic polarity time scale (APTS) for the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic from continental sediments and correlation with standard marine stages 2017
Enhanced magnetization of the Marlboro Clay as a product of soil pyrogenesis at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary? 2017
A Novel Plate Tectonic Scenario for the Genesis and Sealing of Some Major Mesozoic Oil Fields 2016
Identification of the short-lived Santa Rosa geomagnetic excursion in lavas on Floreana Island (Galapagos) by ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar geochronology 2016
Impact ejecta at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary 2016
In memoriam George Kukla (1930 - 2014): A pioneer using magnetostratigraphy for land-sea climate correlations 2016
New insights into lithology and hydrogeology of the northern Newark Rift Basin 2016
New Insights on Rift Basin Development and the Geological Carbon Cycle, Mass Extinction, and Carbon Sequestration... 2016
3.3-million-year-old stone tools from Lomekwi 3, West Turkana, Kenya 2015
A 30 Myr record of Late Triassic atmospheric pCO2 variation reflects a fundamental control of the carbon cycle by changes in continental weathering. 2015
Age of Mammuthus trogontherii from Kostolac, Serbia, and the entry of megaherbivores into Europe during the Late Matuyama climate revolution 2015
Bottleneck at Jaramillo for human migration to Iberia and the rest of Europe? 2015
Chronostratigraphy of KNM-ER 3733 and other Area 104 hominins from Koobi Fora 2015
Paleomagnetism of Miocene volcanics on Sao Tome: Paleosecular variation at the Equator and a comparison to its latitudinal dependence over the last 5 Myr 2015
Quantified abundance of magnetofossils at the Paleocene–Eocene boundary from synchrotron-based transmission X-ray microscopy 2015
Revised Stratigraphy of Late Triassic Age Strata of the Dan River Basin (Virginia and North Carolina, USA) Based on Drill Core and Outcrop Data 2015
Tracking the Late Jurassic apparent (or true) polar shift in U-Pb-dated kimberlites from cratonic North America (Superior Province of Canada) 2015
Weaker axially dipolar time-averaged paleomagnetic field based on multidomain-corrected paleointensities from Galapagos lavas 2015
Age constraints on the dispersal of dinosaurs in the Late Triassic from magnetochronology of the Los Colorados Formation (Argentina) 2014
Migration of Hominins With Megaherbivores into Europe via the Danube-Po Gateway in the Late Matuyama Climate Revolution 2014
A paleointensity technique for multidomain igneous rocks 2013
Comment on ‘The oldest human fossil in Europe from Orce (Spain) by Toro-Moyano et al. (2013) 2013
Evidence for abundant isolated magnetic nanoparticles at the Paleocene–Eocene boundary 2013
Modulation of Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic climate by variable drawdown of atmospheric pCO2 from weathering of basaltic provinces on continents drifting through the equatorial humid belt 2013
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Magnetization of polar ice: a measurement of terrestrial dust and extraterrestrial fallout 2012
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Volume II: Paleomagnetism and Confirmation of Drift (H.R. Frankel) 2012
An earlier origin for the Acheulian 2011
Atmospheric Pco2 Perturbations Associated with the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province 2011
Climatically driven biogeographic provinces of Late Triassic tropical Pangea 2011
Dynamos, domains, and paleomagnetic poles 2011
First dated human occupation of Italy at ~0.85 Ma during the late Early Pleistocene climate transition 2011
Implications of the Newark Supergroup-based astrochronology and geomagnetic polarity time scale (Newark-APTS) for the tempo and mode of the early diversification of the Dinosauria 2011
Response to Comment on “Atmospheric PCo2 Perturbations Associated with the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province” 2011
Understanding Earth’s Deep Past: Lessons for Our Climate Future 2011
Equatorial paleomagnetic time-averaged field results from 0-5 Ma lavas from Kenya and the latitudinal variation of angular dispersion 2010
Equatorial paleosecular variation of the geomagnetic field from 0 to 3 Ma lavas from the Galapagos Islands 2010
Human migration into Europe during the late Early Pleistocene climate transition 2010
Influence of inclination error in sedimentary rocks on the Triassic and Jurassic apparent pole wander path for North America and implications for Cordilleran tectonics 2010
New magnetostratigraphy for the Olduvai Subchron in the Koobi Fora Formation, northwest Kenya, with implications for early Homo 2010
Potential on-shore and off-shore reservoirs for CO2 sequestration in Central Atlantic magmatic province basalts 2010
Rhaetian magneto-biostratigraphy from the Southern Alps (Italy): Constraints on Triassic chronology 2010
Site Selected for Colorado Plateau Coring: Colorado Plateau Coring Project Workshop, Phase 2: 100 Million Years of Climatic, Tectonic, and Biotic Evolution From Continental Coring . . . 2010
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Opening of the Neo-Tethys Ocean and the Pangea B to Pangea A transformation during the Permian 2009
Pleistocene magnetochronology of early hominin sites at Ceprano and Fontana Ranuccio, Italy 2009
Stable isotopic response to late Eocene extraterrestrial impacts 2009
What, if anything, is Quaternary? 2009
Climatic, Tectonic, and Biotic Evolution in Continental Cores: Colorado Plateau Coring Project Workshop; St. George, Utah, 13-16 November 2007 2008
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Early Jurassic magnetostratigraphy and paleolatitudes from the Hartford continental rift basin (eastern North America) . . . 2008
Equatorial convergence of India and early Cenozoic climate trends 2008
Ice magnetization in the EPICA-Dome C ice core: Implication for dust sources during glacial and interglacial periods 2008
Mapping Geomagnetic Field Variations with Unmanned Airborne Vehicles 2008
Synchrony between the Central Atlantic magmatic province and the Triassic-Jurassic mass-extinction event? Reply to Marzoli et al. 2008
Testing corrections for paleomagnetic inclination error in sedimentary rocks: A comparative approach 2008
End-Triassic calcification crisis and blooms of organic-walled 'disaster species' 2007
Leg 68: Introduction, Explanatory Notes, and Conventions 2007
Meteoric smoke concentration in the Vostok ice core estimated from superparamagnetic relaxation and some consequences for estimates of Earth accretion rate 2007
Source of oceanic magnetic anomalies and the geomagnetic polarity time scale 2007
Synchrony between the Central Atlantic magmatic province and the Triassic-Jurassic mass-extinction event? 2007
The Global Standard Stratotype-section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Eocene Series in the Dababiya section (Egypt) 2007
Widespread formation of cherts during the early Eocene climate optimum 2007
Eocene biostratigraphy and magnetic stratigraphy from Possagno, Italy: The calcareous nannofossil response to climate variability 2006
Meteoric smoke fallout revealed by superparamagnetism in Greenland ice 2006
Paleointensity applications to timing and extent of eruptive activity, 9°-10°N East Pacific Rise 2006
Revised chronology for late Pleistocene Mono Lake sediments based on paleointensity correlation to the global reference curve 2006
Bolide summer: The Paleocene/Eocene thermal maximum as a response to an extraterrestrial trigger 2005