Einat Lev

Pronouns: she/her

Lamont Associate Research Professor, Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), Columbia Climate School

Lecturer, M.S. in Sustainability Science

LDEO Room 108-G
61 Route 9W
Palisades, NY 10964-1000


Einat Lev is an Associate Research Professor at the Seismology, Geodynamics and Tectonics (SGT) group at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory ( LDEO), of Columbia University. Her research focus is physical volcanology, including numerical modeling, geologic fluid mechanics, field work at active volcanoes, laboratory experiments, image and video analysis, and anything else that can help us understand how the mechanical properties of geologic viscous fluids affect their deformation.



Only select projects listed below
Name Start Date End Date
Active lava lakes as a window into magma and volcano dynamics 3/1/14 2/28/18
CAREER: Investigating the Impact of Temporal and Spatial Variations on Lava Emplacement Through Numerical and Physical Models 4/1/17 3/31/22
Collaborative Research: Evolution of Lava Channel Networks: Implication for Lava Flow Hazards and Mitigation 2/1/13 1/31/16
Connecting lava rheology and flow dynamics using novel field and modeling techniques 1/1/12 12/31/13
Lunar Impact Melt Flows: Geological Mapping, Experimental Simulation, and Numerical Modeling 10/1/15 9/30/19
NSF INCLUDES Early Engagement in Research: key to long-term STEM retention 10/1/16 9/30/21
NSF/GEO-NERC: Collaborative Research: Multi-scale investigation of rheology and emplacement of multi-phase lava 10/1/19 9/30/22
Predicting Volcanic Eruptions Using Real-time 4D+ Microscopy of Bubble Interactions in a Solid-Liquid Mush 5/1/17 4/30/19
Anticipating Volcanic Eruptions in Real-Time (AVERT) 11/4/19 9/30/21
Collaborative Research: Laboratory and Theoretical Studies of Geyser Dynamics 7/1/21 6/30/24
Collaborative Research: EarthCube Data Capabilities: Volcanology Hub for Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Tools and Resources (VICTOR) 9/1/21 8/31/24
Rheology and Eruptibility of Two- and Three-Phase Cryomagmas 9/1/23 8/31/26
Collaborative Research: GEO OSE Track 1: Transforming Volcanology towards Open Science in the Cloud with VICTOR 9/1/23 8/31/25
Collaborative Research: RAPID: A Novel Magnetometer Network to Capture the Ongoing Inflationary Episode at Askja Volcano, Iceland 7/1/23 7/31/24
Secondary School Field Research Program: Engaging NYC Students in Local Field Research 7/1/22 6/30/23
Secondary School Field Research Program: Engaging NYC Students in Local Field Research 6/1/22 6/30/23