Faye McNeill

Professor of Chemical Engineering , Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science


BIOGRAPHY: Prof. McNeill’s research is focused on the chemistry and physics of atmospheric aerosol particles and ice in the environment, and their roles in atmospheric chemistry, air quality, and climate. The McNeill group performs laboratory, theoretical, and modeling studies with a focus on multiphase processes involving atmospheric aerosols and ice in the environment. Special interest areas include the chemical sources of atmospheric particulate matter and its evolution in the atmosphere, and the influence of atmospheric aerosol chemistry on climate. Prof. McNeill is particularly interested in using modeling to bridge the scales between the large amount of detailed, molecular-level data researchers gather in the laboratory and the coarse-grained information required by large-scale models. Besides improving our basic understanding of the Earth system, she and her research group are using the results of their work to improve large-scale models of atmospheric chemistry and climate, thereby enhancing their prognostic ability, providing insight into the effects of human activity on the environment, and setting the stage for smart policy decisions. McNeill received her B.S. in chemical engineering from Caltech in 1999 and her PhD in chemical engineering from MIT in 2005, where she was a NASA Earth System Science Fellow.