H.G. Chissell

Founder and CEO, Advanced Energy Group, LLC


H.G. is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Energy Group (AEG), a competitive stakeholder mobilization platform for leaders and organizations committed to systemic change on climate, health, and equity at the city and regional level in 12-month sprints. Serving 50+ million people and sponsored by over 65 companies, utilities and organizations, AEG empowers public & private leaders in the Caribbean, Greater Boston, Chicago, New York City, and DC/MD/VA area to drive systemic change as a high-performance sport so we win at what matters most.

H.G. Chissell has designed and led hundreds of Stakeholder Challenges with 5,000+ leaders and hundreds of speakers across the US, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In 2014, Chissell received the Federal Energy Management Program Award for his work at US Army base, Fort Meade for ancillary market integration of critical assets. In March 2021, H.G. Chissell received the President's Award for Excellence in Leadership from the National Society of Black Engineers Boston Professionals.