Dr. James R. Cochran

Special Research Scientist, Marine and Polar Geophysics, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), Columbia Climate School

208C Oceanography
61 Route 9W
PO Box 1000
Palisades, NY 10964


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Detailed Bathymetry of the Continental Shelf Beneath the Getz Ice Shelf, West Antarctica 2020
Identifying Spatial Variability in Greenland’s Outlet Glacier Response to Ocean Heat 2018
New Antarctic gravity anomaly grid for enhanced geodetic and geophysical studies in Antarctica 2016
Abbot Ice Shelf, structure of the Amundsen Sea continental margin and the southern boundary of the Bellingshausen Plate seaward of West Antarctica 2015
Bathymetry in Petermann fjord from Operation IceBridge aerogravity 2015
Resolving bathymetry from airborne gravity along Greenland fjords 2015
Bathymetric and oceanic controls on Abbot Ice Shelf thickness and stability 2014
Bathymetric control of tidewater glacier mass loss in northwest Greenland 2014
Geologic implications of gas hydrates in the offshore of India: Krishna-Godavari Basin, Mahanadi Basin, Andaman Sea, Kerala-Konkan Basin 2014
Geologic implications of gas hydrates in the offshore of India: Results of the National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition 01 2014
Back-arc extension in the Andaman Sea: Tectonic and magmatic processes imaged by high-precision teleseismic double-difference earthquake relocation 2013
Inversion of IceBridge gravity data for continental shelf bathymetry beneath the Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica 2012
Morphology and tectonics of the Andaman Forearc, northeastern Indian Ocean 2010
Upper crustal seismic structure along the Southeast Indian Ridge: Evolution from 0 to 550 ka and variation with axial morphology 2010
Constraints on the mantle temperature gradient along the Southeast Indian Ridge from crustal structure and isostasy: implications for the transition from an axial high to an axial valley 2009
Crustal thickness variations along the Southeast Indian Ridge (100°–116°E) from 2-D body wave tomography 2008
Heat flow from the Southeast Indian Ridge flanks between 80°E and 140°E: Data review and analysis 2008
Indian Continental Margin Gas Hydrate Prospects: Results of the Indian National Gas Hydrate Program (NGHP) Expedition 01 2008
Seamount volcanism along the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean 2008
Thermal regime of the Southeast Indian Ridge between 88°E and 140°E: Remarks on the subsidence of the ridge flanks 2007
Morphology and structure of the Lomonosov Ridge, Arctic Ocean 2006
Northern Red Sea: Nucleation of an oceanic spreading center within a continental rift 2005
Variations in upper crustal structure due to variable mantle temperature along the Southeast Indian Ridge 2005
The Gakkel Ridge: Bathymetry, gravity anomalies, and crustal accretion at extremely slow spreading rates 2003
Evidence of recent volcanic activity on the ultraslow-spreading Gakkel ridge 2001
Near-axis subsidence rates, hydrothermal circulation, and thermal structure of mid-ocean ridge crests 2001
Central anomaly magnetization high: constraints on the volcanic construction and architecture of seismic layer 2A at a fast-spreading mid-ocean ridge, the EPR at 9º30'–50'N 1999
Continuous near-bottom gravity measurements made with a BGM-3 gravimeter in DSV Alvin on the East Pacific Rise crest near 9°31 'N and 9°50'N 1999
The structure and segmentation of the Southeast Indian Ridge 1999
Gravity evidence of very thin crust at the Gakkel Ridge (Arctic Ocean) 1998
Bathymetric roughness of the Southeast Indian Ridge: Implications for crustal accretion at intermediate spreading rate mid-ocean ridges 1997
Southeast Indian Ridge: The influence of ridge morphology on the formation of abyssal hills 1997
The Southeast Indian Ridge between 88°E and 118°E: Variations in crustal accretion at constant spreading rate 1997
The Southeast Indian Ridge between 88°E and ll8°E: Gravity anomalies and crustal accretion at intermediate spreading rates 1997
Gravity anomalies, crustal thickness, and the pattern of mantle flow at the fast spreading East Pacific Rise, 9°-l0°N: Evidence for three-dimensional upwelling 1996
The Bauer scarp ridge jump: a complex tectonic sequence revealed in satellite altimetry 1996
Transitions in axial morphology along the Southeast Indian Ridge 1996
Along-axis gravity gradients at mid-ocean ridges: Implications for mantle flow and axial morphology 1995
Distribution of shortening between the Indian and Australian plates in the central Indian Ocean 1995
Abyssal Hill Segmentation: Quantitative Analysis of the East Pacific Rise Flanks 7°S-9°S 1993
Gravity Anomalies, Isostasy, and Mantle Flow at the East Pacific Rise Crest 1993
Morphology of a 'Superfast' Mid-Ocean Ridge Crest and Flanks: The East Pacific Rise, 7°- 9° S 1993
Wilkes transform system and "nannoplate" 1993
Crustal structure and the mechanism of extension in the northern Red Sea: Constraints from gravity anomalies 1991
Himalayan Uplift, Sea Level, and the Record of Bengal Fan Sedimentation at the ODP Leg 116 Sites 1990
Geothermal measurements in the northern Red Sea: Implications for lithospheric thermal structure and mode of extension during continental rifting 1989
The Bengal Fan: Some Preliminary Results from ODP Drilling 1989
Evidence from the northern Red Sea on the transition from continental to oceanic rifting 1988
Somali Basin, Chain Ridge, and origin of the Northern Somali Basin gravity and geoid low 1988
Structure and tectonics of the northern Red Sea: catching a continental margin between rifting and drifting 1988
Thermal consequences of lithospheric extension: Pure and simple 1988
Conrad Deep: a new northern Red Sea deep. Origin and implications for continental rifting 1986
Variations in subsidence rates along intermediate and fast spreading mid-ocean ridges 1986
A bathymetry and altimetry profile across the Southwest Indian Ridge crest at 31°S latitude 1985
The transition between the Sheba Ridge and Owen Basin: rifting of old oceanic lithosphere 1985
A Model for Development of Red Sea 1983
Effects of finite rifting times on the development of sedimentary basins 1983
The magnetic quiet zone in the eastern Gulf of Aden: implications for the early development of the continental margin 1982
Simple models of diffuse extension and the pre-seafloor spreading development of the continental margin of the Northeastern Gulf of Aden 1981
The Gulf of Aden: Structure and Evolution of a Young Ocean Basin and Continental Margin 1981
Some Remarks on Isostasy and the Long-Term Behavior of the Continental Lithosphere 1980
An analysis of isostasy in the world's oceans: 2. Midocean ridge crests 1979
Gravity Anomalies, Regional Elevation, and the Deep Structure of the North Atlantic 1978
Free–air gravity anomalies in the world's oceans and their relationship to residual elevation 1977
Gravity anomalies and flexure of the lithosphere: A three-dimensional study of the Great Meteor Seamount, northeast Atlantic 1975
Gravity Anomalies and Flexure of the Lithosphere along the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain 1974
Gravity Anomalies in the Galapagos Islands Area 1974
Gravity and Magnetic Investigations in the Guiana Basin, Western Equatorial Atlantic 1973