Dr. Karl P. Sauvant

Lecturer; Senior Fellow, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI), Columbia Law School

New York, NY 10022


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Name Published Date
世贸组织进程将受益于民间组织的投入 2024
新的《世贸组织投资便利化促进发展协定》 2024
如何获得针对大规模外国直接投资激励的最佳交易 2024
投资合同谈判能力建设的局限性 2024
WTO《投资促进发展协定》需要有效规制负责任商业行为 2024
How to get the best deal for massive FDI incentives 2023
The limits of capacity building for investment contract negotiations 2023
The new WTO Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement 2023
The WTO Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement needs a strong provision on responsible business conduct 2022
WTO processes would benefit from the input of civil society 2022
渐逝协议的废止: 为何政府必须确保投资者-国家合同正确无误 2021
提高投资便利化透明度:需重点支持 2021
绿色FDI:促进碳中和投资 2021
Green FDI: Encouraging carbon-neutral investment 2021
Increasing transparency in investment facilitation: focused support is needed 2021
Obsolescence of the obsolescing bargain: Why governments must get investor-state contracts right 2021
使发展中国家能够充分参与投资便利化发展框架的谈判 2020
20国集团重启外国直接投资流动的机制 2020
A G20 Facility to rekindle FDI flows 2020
Enabling the full participation of developing countries in negotiating an Investment Facilitation Framework for Development 2020
Insulating a WTO Investment Facilitation Framework from ISDS 2020
使WTO投资便利化框架免受ISDS影响 2020
未来世界贸易组织投资便利化讨论中的五个关键问题 2019
国际投资法和政策制度的现状 2019
激励可持续的外商直接投资:得到许可的可持续投资者 2019
不应忽视境外生产型贸易:中美范例 2019
An international framework to discipline outward FDI incentives? 2019
Do not neglect establishment trade: the China-US example 2019
通过国际投资协定以促进可持续型FDI 2019
Five key considerations for the WTO investment-facilitation discussions, going forward 2019
Incentivizing sustainable FDI: The Authorized Sustainable Investor 2019
限制OFDI激励措施的国际框架? 2019
Promoting sustainable FDI through international investment agreements 2019
The state of the international investment law and policy regime 2019
可持续的FDI促进可持续发展 2018
Sustainable FDI for sustainable development 2018
Towards an Investment Facilitation Framework: Why? What? When? 2018
谈判优质合同的重要性 2017
新兴市场面临的新挑战:制定对外直接投资政策的必要性 2017
A new challenge for emerging markets: the need to develop an outward FDI policy 2017
Beware of FDI statistics! 2017
China moves the G20 on international investment 2017
China moves the G20 toward an international investment framework and investment facilitation 2017
Facilitating Investment for Sustainable Development 2017
Facilitating Investment for Sustainable Development 2017
关于FDI的统计数据 2017
中国推动G20国际投资议题 2017
The importance of negotiating good contracts 2017
Towards an Indicative List of FDI Sustainability Characteristics 2017
东道国能否拥有合法预期? 2016
国际投资协定中基于安全利益单边裁决条款的兴起 2016
Can host countries have legitimate expectations? 2016
China, the G20 and the International Investment Regime 2016
How Investment Agreements Can Protect Free Media 2016
Investment Promotion and Facilitation in a Broader Policy Context 2016
Lessons from the Negotiations of the United Nations Code of Conduct on Transnational Corporations and Related Instruments 2016
Leveling the Playing Field: Seeking Solutions 2016
National FDI policy competition and the changing international investment regime 2016
Report of the E15 Task Force on Investment Policy – The Evolving International Investment Law and Policy Regime: Ways forward 2016
The Challenge: How Can Foreign Direct Investment Fulfill Its Development Potential? 2016
The E15 Task Force on Investment Policy 2016
The Next Step in Governance: The Need for Global Micro-Regulatory Frameworks in the Context of Expanding International Production 2016
The rise of self-judging essential security interest clauses in international investment agreements 2016
我们需要为可持续投资便利化建立一项国际援助计划 2015
AIM Investment Report 2015: Trends and Policy Challenges 2015
An International Support Programme for Sustainable Investment Facilitation 2015
Can India emulate China in attracting and benefitting from FDI? 2015
China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment and International Investment Law 2015
吸引并受益于FDI:印度能够赶超中国吗? 2015
Policy Options for Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in the Least Developed Countries 2015
The International Investment Law and Policy Regime: Challenges and Options 2015
The Negotiations of the United Nations Code of Conduct on Transnational Corporations: Experience and Lessons Learned 2015
We need an international support programme for sustainable investment facilitation 2015
中国需要“走进去”战略补充其"走出去”政策 2014
China needs to complement its “going-out” policy with a “going-in” strategy 2014
China’s Regulatory Framework for Outward Foreign Direct Investment 2014
达成国际投资共识的必要性 2013
中国对外直接投资政策的三大挑战 2013
Foreign Direct Investment by Emerging Economy Multinationals: Coping with the Global Crisis 2013
Russian Multinationals: From Regional Supremacy to Global Lead: Forward 2013
The Need for an International Investment Consensus-Building Process 2013
Three challenges for China’s outward FDI policy 2013
政府与跨国公司关系的变化:从控制、自由化到再平衡 2012
中美双边投资协定:多边投资框架的范本 2012
国家控制的实体控制近2万亿美元的外国资产 2012
A China – US Bilateral Investment Treaty: A Template for a Multilateral Framework for Investment? 2012
不平衡的巨龙:中国不均衡的省市及地区FDI 业绩 2012
Impacts of Emerging Economies and Firms on International Business: Foreword 2012
State-controlled entities control nearly US$ 2 trillion in foreign assets 2012
The times they are a-changin' -- again -- in the relationships between governments and multinational enterprises: From control, to liberalization to rebalancing. 2012
The unbalanced dragon: China's uneven provincial and regional FDI performance 2012
China: Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investment 2011
FDI格局:从三级到多级 2011
From the FDI Triad to multiple FDI poles? 2011
Multinational Enterprises and the Global Investment Regime: Toward Balancing Rights and Responsibilities 2011
The regulatory framework for investment: where are we headed? 2011
人民币升值对内部和外部FDI有何影响? 2010
Preface: Conference Proceedings (Volume III) Transnational Corporations in China: Research and Development 2010
What will an appreciation of China's currency do to inward and outward FDI? 2010
FDI Protectionism Is on the Rise 2009