Kevin Anchukaitis

Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, Biology and Paleo Environment, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), Columbia Climate School

Woodshole Oceanographic Institute


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
A Spatiotemporal Assessment of Extreme Cold in Northwestern North America Following the Unidentified 1809 CE Volcanic Eruption 2023
Megadroughts in the Common Era and the Anthropocene 2022
Progress and uncertainties in global and hemispheric temperature reconstructions of the Common Era 2022
Twenty-First Century Drought Projections in the CMIP6 Forcing Scenarios 2020
A double bootstrap approach to Superposed Epoch Analysis to evaluate response uncertainty 2019
Strip‐Bark Morphology and Radial Growth Trends in Ancient Pinus sibirica Trees From Central Mongolia 2018
European and Mediterranean hydroclimate responses to tropical volcanic forcing over the last millennium 2017
Internal ocean-atmosphere variability drives megadroughts in Western North America 2016
A long-term context (931–2005 C.E.) for rapid warming over Central Asia 2015
Pluvials, droughts, the Mongol Empire, and modern Mongolia 2014
Continental-Scale Temperature Variability during the Past Two Millennia 2013
Continental-Scale Temperature Variability during the Past Two Millennia: Supplementary Information 2013
Multidecadal variability in East African hydroclimate controlled by the Indian Ocean 2013
Paleoclimate histories improve access and sustainability in index insurance programs 2013
Volcanic Cooling Signal in Tree Ring Temperature Records for the Past Millennium 2013
A long-term perspective on a modern drought in the American Southeast 2012
Links between Indo-Pacific climate variability and drought in the Monsoon Asia Drought Atlas 2012
Regional climatic and North Atlantic Oscillation signatures in West Virginia red cedar over the past millennium 2012
Tree-ring reconstructed summer temperature anomalies for temperate East Asia since 800 C.E. 2012
Tree rings and volcanic cooling 2012
Varying boreal forest response to Arctic environmental change at the Firth River, Alaska 2011
Climate as a contributing factor in the demise of Angkor, Cambodia 2010
Forced and unforced variability of twentieth century North American droughts and pluvials 2010