Milton Wainberg

Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Sociomedical Sciences,


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Transactional sex work and HIV among women in conflict-affected Northeastern Uganda: a population-based study 2022
Technology and implementation science to forge the future of evidence-based psychotherapies: the PRIDE scale-up study 2021
Challenges and opportunities in the science of research to practice: lessons learned from a randomized controlled trial of a sexual risk-reduction intervention for psychiatric patients in a public mental health system 2020
The RESPECT study: a feasibility randomised controlled trial of a sexual health promotion intervention for people with serious mental illness in community mental health services in the UK 2020
Mixed-methods evaluation of mental healthcare integration into tuberculosis and maternal-child healthcare services of four South African districts 2019
Opportunities For Improving Access To Evidence-based Treatments Of Depression 2019
Armed conflict, alcohol misuse, decision-making, and intimate partner violence among women in Northeastern Uganda: a population level study 2018
Curtailing the communicability of psychiatric disorders 2018
Determinants of late antenatal care presentation in rural and peri-urban communities in South Africa: A cross-sectional study 2018
Ending AIDS as a Public Health Threat: Treatment-as-Usual Risk Reduction Services for Persons With Mental Illness in Brazil 2018
The effectiveness of a group-based computerized HIV/STI prevention intervention for black women who use drugs in the criminal justice system: study protocol for E-WORTH (Empowering African-American Women on the Road to Health), a Hybrid Type 1 randomized controlled trial 2018
An index to examine the sexual HIV risk of psychiatric service users based on sexual partners 2017
Recent illicit drug use among psychiatric patients in Brazil: a national representative study 2017
Risk and resilience factors for depression and suicidal ideation in Mongolian college students 2017
Validation of the Mental Illness Sexual Stigma Questionnaire (MISS-Q) in a sample of Brazilian adults in psychiatric care 2017
Mental Health Research in the Global Era: Training the Next Generation 2016
Mental Illness Sexual Stigma: Implications for Health and Recovery 2016
Overview of the mental health system in Mozambique: addressing the treatment gap with a task-shifting strategy in primary care 2016
Correlates of HIV infection among patients with mental illness in Brazil 2014
HIV/AIDS and Serious Mental Illness: A Risky Conclusion 2012
HIV risk behaviors among outpatients with severe mental illness in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008
A model for adapting evidence-based behavioral interventions to a new culture: HIV prevention for psychiatric patients in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2007