Mingfang Ting

Professor of Climate, Columbia Climate School

Affiliated with: Ocean and Climate Physics, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Co Senior Director for Education; Co-Director, M.A. in Climate and Society

104C Oceanography
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
61 Route 9W
Palisades, NY 10964


Only select projects listed below
Name Start Date End Date
Advancing Predictive understanding of North American Drought: The Role of the North Atlantic SST 8/1/14 7/31/18
Asian Monsoon Response to the Changing Climate Role of Anthropogenic Forcing 9/1/15 8/31/18
Assessing Transport Pathways into the Arctic and Their Efficiencies 4/15/19 3/31/23
Collaborative Research: EaSM2: Linking near-term future changes in weather and hydroclimate in western North America to adaption for ecosystem and water management 4/1/13 3/31/19
Collaborative Research: Variations and Trends in Fall Precipitation over the Central United States: Issues of Physical Mechanisms, Circulation Anomalies and Boundary Forcing 6/15/08 5/31/13
Dynamics of Arctic-Midlatitude Teleconnections - mechanisms, robustness and tropical modulation 5/27/16 3/31/20
Mechanisms and Predictability of the Global Climate Impacts of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability 8/1/09 6/30/13
Understanding and Attributing Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Frequency Changes in the 20th and 21st Centuries 8/1/10 7/31/14
Understanding Forced Asian Monsoon Changes in Observations and Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 11/1/16 10/31/21
Collaborative Research: Dynamic and Thermodynamic Mechanisms of Heat Extremes in the Northern Hemisphere 4/1/20 3/31/23
Process-Based Understanding of Extreme Asian Monsoon Rainfall Response to Anthropogenic Forcings 9/1/20 8/31/21
Causal Mechanisms of Dry and Humid Heat Extremes 9/1/22 8/31/25
GRID3 Solutions for Data Integration into Routine Health Information Systems in Selected ESAR Countries 7/6/22 12/31/22


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Contrasting impacts of dry versus humid heat on US corn and soybean yields 2023
Large-Scale Stability and the Greater Horn of Africa Long and Short Rains 2023
Ocean-forcing of cool season precipitation drives ongoing and future decadal drought in southwestern North America 2023
An adaptive approach to quantify weather-within-climate rainfall characteristics 2022
Distinctive South and East Asian Monsoon circulation responses to global warming 2022
Influence of the South American Low-Level Jet on the Austral Summer Precipitation Trend in Southeastern South America 2022
Mechanisms of a Meteorological Drought Onset: Summer 2020 to Spring 2021 in Southwestern North America 2022
Seasonal prediction of the Caribbean rainfall cycle 2022
Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling Leading to Extended Seasonal Predictability of Summer North Atlantic Oscillation and Boreal Climate 2022
Understanding CMIP6 biased in the representation of the Greater Horn of Africa long and short rains 2022
An Atmospheric Bridge Between the Subpolar and Tropical Atlantic Regions: A Perplexing Asymmetric Teleconnection 2021
Assessing ENSO summer teleconnections, impacts, and predictability in North America 2021
Changing hydroclimate dynamics and the 19th to 20th century wetting trend in the English Channel region of northwest Europe 2021
ENSO Teleconnections and Impacts on U.S. Summertime Temperature during a Multiyear La Niña Life Cycle 2021
Future Summer Drying in the U.S. Corn Belt and the Role of Midlatitude Storm Tracks 2021
Heavy Rain-producing Terrestrial Low-Pressure Systems Over East Asian Summer Monsoon Region: Evolution, Energetics, and Trend 2021
Low-Pressure Systems and Extreme Precipitation in Southeast and East Asian Monsoon Regions 2021
North Atlantic Oscillation in winter is largely insensitive to autumn Barents-Kara sea ice variability 2021
Observed trends in South Asian monsoon low-pressure systems and rainfall extremes since the late 1970s 2021
Recent Increases in Exposure to Extreme Humid-Heat Events Disproportionately Affect Populated Regions 2021
Relative Importance of Greenhouse Gases, Sulfate, Organic Carbon, and Black Carbon Aerosol for South Asian Monsoon Rainfall Changes 2021
Summertime transport pathways from different northern hemisphere regions into the Arctic 2021
Insights from earth system model initial-condition large ensembles and future prospects 2020
Interannual Variability of the Early and Late-Rainy Seasons in the Caribbean 2020
Prediction of seasonal meteorological drought onset and termination over the southern Great Plains in the North American Multimodel Ensemble 2020
South Asian summer monsoon response to aerosol-forced sea surface temperatures 2020
Dominant Modes of China Summer Extreme Heat Waves Driven by Global Sea Surface Temperature and Atmospheric Internal Variability 2019
Intraseasonal Variability of Rainfall and Its Effect on Interannual Variability across the Indian Subcontinent and the Tibetan Plateau 2019
Mechanisms of seasonal soil moisture drought onset and termination in the southern Great Plains 2019
Past and Future Hurricane Intensity Change along the U.S. East Coast 2019
Seasonal Climatology and Dynamical Mechanisms of Rainfall in the Caribbean 2019
An Intensified Mode of Variability Modulating the Summer Heat Waves in Eastern Europe and Northern China 2018
Atlantic Multidecadal Variability as a modulator of the precipitation variability in the continental US 2018
California Winter Precipitation Predictability: Insights From the Anomalous 2015–2016 and 2016–2017 Seasons 2018
Climate and the Global Famine of 1876-78 2018
Disentangling the influence of local and remote anthropogenic aerosols on South Asian monsoon daily rainfall characteristics 2018
Fast Adjustments of the Asian Summer Monsoon to Anthropogenic Aerosol 2018
Global Monsoon Precipitation: Trends, Leading Modes, and Associated Drought and Heat Wave in the Northern Hemisphere 2018
Increased Frequency of Summer Extreme Heat Waves over Texas Area Tied to the Amplification of Pacific Zonal SST Gradient 2018
Mechanism of Future Spring Drying in the Southwest U.S. in CMIP5 Models 2018
Multiscale Variability in North American Summer Maximum Temperatures and Modulations from the North Atlantic Simulated by an AGCM 2018
Role of the equatorial Pacific SST forecast error in the late winter California precipitation forecast for the 2015-16 El Niño 2018
Whither the 100th meridian? The once and future physical and human geography of America's arid-humid divide. Part II: The Meridian Moves East 2018
Whither the 100th meridian? The once and future physical and human geography of America's arid-humid divide. Part I: the story so far 2018
A robust empirical seasonal prediction of winter NAO and surface climate 2017
Decadal Drought Variability Over North America: Mechanisms and Predictability 2017
Distinct Patterns of Tropical Pacific SST Anomaly and Their Impacts on North American Climate 2017
Timing and seasonality of the United States ‘warming hole’ 2017
Variations of Mid-Pacific Trough and Their Relations to the Asian-Pacific-North American Climate: Roles of Tropical Sea Surface Temperature and Arctic Sea Ice 2017
Winter storm intensity, hazards, and property losses in the New York tristate area 2017
Causes of change in Northern Hemisphere winter meridional winds and regional hydroclimate 2016
Dynamical Link between the Barents–Kara Sea Ice and the Arctic Oscillation 2016
El Niño's impact on California precipitation: seasonality, regionality, and El Niño intensity 2016
Full Access Dynamical Link between the Barents–Kara Sea Ice and the Arctic Oscillation 2016
Predicting Summer Arctic Sea Ice Concentration Intraseasonal Variability Using a Vector Autoregressive Model 2016
Understanding the Asian summer monsoon response to greenhouse warming: the relative roles of direct radiative forcing and sea surface temperature change 2016
Mechanisms of Asian Summer Monsoon Changes in Response to Anthropogenic Forcing in CMIP5 Models 2015
Mediterranean Summer Climate and the Importance of Middle East Topography 2015
Natural and Forced North Atlantic Hurricane Potential Intensity Change in CMIP5 Models 2015
Recent and future changes in the Asian monsoon-ENSO relationship: Natural or forced? 2015
Causes of increasing aridification of the Mediterranean region in response to rising greenhouse gases 2014
Dynamical and Thermodynamical Causes of Large-Scale Changes in the Hydrological Cycle over North America in Response to Global Warming 2014
North Atlantic Multidecadal SST Oscillation: External forcing versus internal variability 2014
Atmospheric Circulation Response to an Instantaneous Doubling of Carbon Dioxide. Part II: Atmospheric Transient Adjustment and Its Dynamics 2013
Have Aerosols Caused the Observed Atlantic Multidecadal Variability? 2013
Influence of local and remote SST on North Atlantic tropical cyclone potential intensity 2013
Projections of declining surface-water availability for the southwestern United States 2013
Atmospheric Circulation Response to an Instantaneous Doubling of Carbon Dioxide Part I: Model Experiments and Transient Thermal Response in the Troposphere 2012
Intensification of Northern Hemisphere subtropical highs in a warming climate 2012
Mediterranean precipitation climatology, seasonal cycle, and trend as simulated by CMIP5 2012
Structure and variances of equatorial zonal circulation in a multimodel ensemble 2012
Robust features of Atlantic multi-decadal variability and its climate impacts 2011
The relative contributions of radiative forcing and internal climate variability to the late 20th Century winter drying of the Mediterranean region 2011
Adjustment of the atmospheric circulation to tropical Pacific SST anomalies: Variability of transient eddy propagation in the Pacific–North America sector 2010
Changes in storm tracks and energy transports in a warmer climate simulated by the GFDL CM2.1 model 2010
Northern Hemisphere winter snow anomalies: ENSO, NAO and the winter of 2009/10 2010
The role of linear wave refraction in the transient eddy-mean flow response to tropical Pacific SST anomalies 2010
A U.S. CLIVAR Project to Assess and Compare the Responses of Global Climate Models to Drought-Related SST Forcing Patterns: Overview and Results 2009
Forced and Internal Twentieth-Century SST Trends in the North Atlantic 2009
Mechanisms of Tropical Atlantic SST Influence on North American Precipitation Variability 2009
Mexican drought: an observational modeling and tree ring study of variability and climate change 2009
The Effect of Topography on Storm-Track Intensity in a Relatively Simple General Circulation Model 2009
Model projections of an imminent transition to a more arid climate in southwestern North America 2007
Mechanisms of ENSO-forcing of hemispherically symmetric precipitation variability 2005