Prof. Pierre Gentine

Pronouns: he/him

Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and of Climate,

Columbia Climate School

Director, Center for Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP),


Pierre Gentine is a Professor in the department of Earth and Environmental Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and in the Climate School. He is Director of the LEAP (Learning the Earth with Artificial intelligence and Physics) National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. Dr. Gentine received his undergraduate degree from SupAéro, in France. He earned his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT in 2010. He joined the faculty at Columbia in 2010 as an instructor in applied mathematics and then as a tenure track assistant professor in Earth and Environmental Engineering in 2011.


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Deep learning for subgrid-scale turbulence modeling in large-eddy simulations of the convective atmospheric boundary layer: data 2021
A Model for Turbulence Spectra in the Equilibrium Range of the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Data 2020
Critical impact of vegetation physiology on the continental hydrologic cycle in response to increasing CO2 2018
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Neural Network–Based Sensitivity Analysis of Summertime Convection over the Continental United States 2014
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Triggering Deep Convection with a Probabilistic Plume Model 2014
An Idealized Prototype for Large-Scale Land–Atmosphere Coupling 2013
A Probabilistic Bulk Model of Coupled Mixed Layer and Convection. Part I: Clear-Sky Case 2013
A Probabilistic Bulk Model of Coupled Mixed Layer and Convection. Part II: Shallow Convection Case 2013
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