Dr. Pushker A. Kharecha

Associate Research Scientist, Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions, Columbia Climate School

Deputy Director, Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions

475 Riverside Drive
Suite 401-O
New York, NY 10115

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Pushker Kharecha is a climate scientist who is fascinated by many aspects of Earth science. His interests encompass a wide range of temporal and spatial scales and his primary motivation is conducting policy-relevant scientific research. Although his doctoral work related to astrobiology and the Earth’s primeval biosphere, when he joined NASA GISS and Columbia Earth Institute in 2005 he shifted his focus to human-caused climate change. His research focuses on the human dimensions of the global carbon cycle, including the impacts of fossil fuel use and land use on climate. He is particularly interested in analyzing empirical data on energy and land use and developing climate change mitigation scenarios. Dr. Kharecha has lead/co-authored multiple high-profile scientific papers and has served as a lead author on a major UNEP publication (Global Environment Outlook-5). He has also participated in numerous education, public, and media outreach activities.


Only select projects listed below
Name Start Date End Date
Use of GRACE to estimate terrestrial carbon fluxes 9/1/10 8/31/13


Last 10 years

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