Dr. Robert Pollack

Professor of Biological Sciences,

Affiliated with: Center for Science and Society

749 Fairchild Center
Mail Code: 2419
New York, NY 10027


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Tricentennial Project 2022
You'll Never Get a Job in America 2018
Knowing vs. Seeing: Philosophy and Experience 2016
The New SETI Initiative: Is There Intelligent Live on Earth? 2015
The Embodied Self 2014
Where in This World is the Human Soul? 2014
The Religion of Science: Conquering the Unknowable | Dr. Robert Pollack 2013
One Candle, One Life, One Planet: The Jewish Festival of Hanukkah and the Deep Meaning of Small Differences 2012
Surrendering Secrets 2011
I am, therefore I think 2010
The Great Commandment, Tao, and the Survival of Humanity 2010
Thoughts on Humane Genetics 2008
Knowing our place 2007
We have been around a long time 2007
Attending to the Pain of the Dying: An Agenda for Science 2006
The Religious Obligation to Ask Questions of Nature and the State: Bonhoeffer on the Protection and Dignity of Human Life, in the Context of DNA-based Genetic Medicine Today 2006
Optimizing the Human Response to Natural Evil 2005
Introductory Remarks 2004
Preface 2004
Cancer as Metaphor: My Experiences in Basic Research 1966 - 1996. 2002
The Known, Unknown, and the Unknowable 2002
The Human Genome and the Human Community 2000
Wisdom versus knowledge: an agenda for a more humane medical science 1999
Hard Days on the Endless Frontier 1997
Avoiding “Perverted Science”: The Dangers of Willful Ignorance 1996
Summing up: A dean's valedictory 1989
From Theory to Praxis 1981
Growth control in cultured cells: selection of sublines with increased sensitivity to contact inhibition and decreased tumor-producing ability. 1968