Thomson Batidzirai

Senior Manager of Proposal Development, Office of Research, Columbia Climate School

61 Claremont Avenue
Interchurch Center
Room 253
New York, NY 10025


Thomson Batidzirai is the Senior Manager of Proposal Development within the Climate School's Office of Research. Thomson works closely with the Executive Director of Research to support researchers with proposal development for large proposals (over $4 million).

Prior to joining the Columbia Climate School in 2022, Thomson was the Senior Grants Manager in the Chemistry Department at Princeton Univeristy where he provided pre- and post award support to the department, and managaged a multi-million dollar grant portfolio with an annual expenditure in excess of $20 million.

Before that, Thomson worked at Columbia University as a Busines Manager/Officer for more than 8 years, during which he gained vast experince in financial and administrative management.  

Thomson holds an MA in Statitstics (Columbia University), MS in Operations Research, and a BS in Applied Mathematics (National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe). He is currently persuing the Certified Research Administrator (CRA) qualification through RACC.