Vicki Ferrini

Pronouns: she/her

Senior Research Scientist, Marine/Large Programs, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), Columbia Climate School

Associate Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Borehole 203
61 Route 9W
Palisades, NY 10964-1000


Vicki Ferrini is a Senior Research Scientist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO). Her research focuses on using mapping techniques to understand the processes that shape the seafloor in a variety of environments. She has participated in research expeditions around the world mapping shallow water and deep-sea environments using ships, boats, submersibles and towed platforms. Most of her work is in the field of geoinformatics and is focused on ensuring that high-quality marine geoscience research data are made available to the science community and to the public. She is the Head of the Seabed 2030 Regional Center for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.


Only select projects listed below
Name Start Date End Date
Collaborative Research: Establishing Community Standards for Underwater Video Acquisition, Tagging, Archiving and Access 7/15/15 6/30/18
Collaborative Research: Ecosystem dynamics of Western Pacific hydrothermal vent communities associated with polymetallic sulfide deposits 12/1/15 3/31/19
Collaborative Research: EarthCube End-User Workshop: Deep Seafloor Processes and Dynamics 4/15/13 3/31/14
Collaborative Research: Optimizing Multibeam Data Acquisition Operations and Quality for the U.S. Academic Research Fleet 9/15/11 8/31/15
Collaborative Research: Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R): Transforming the Academic Fleet Into an Integrated Global Observing System 9/1/09 8/31/15
Data Services for E/V Nautilus 7/1/18 6/30/19
GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project Year 1 Regional Center 2/1/18 7/31/19
Geoinformatics Facilities Support: Integrated Data Collections for the Earth & Ocean Sciences: The Marine Geoscience Data System and the Geoinformatics for Geochemistry Program 10/1/10 9/30/17
Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project Year 4 Regional Center Agreement: Atlantic and Indian Oceans Regional Data Assembly and Coordination Center 8/1/20 7/31/21
PaleopCO2 - A Scientifically Rigorous and Accessible CO2 Keeling Curve For Geologic Time 1/1/19 12/31/21
Supporting the Multibeam Sonar Systems of the U.S. Academic Research Fleet: Coordinating Operations to Optimize Data Quality 4/15/15 3/31/19
Collaborative Research: Optimization of the Multibeam Sonar Systems of the U.S. Academic Fleet through Coordinated System Testing, Tool Development, and Community Outreach 7/1/19 6/30/24
Marine Geoscience Data System 2020: Optimizing Established Data Infrastructure for the Future 11/1/19 10/31/22
GeoPRISMS Data Legacy Workshop: New York, NY - Spring 2020 12/1/19 11/30/20
Supporting Marine Geoscience Research with Ongoing Growth of the Global Multi-Resolution Topography Synthesis and Maintenance of GeoMapApp 9/1/19 8/31/22
Data Services for E/V Nautilus 10/1/20 9/30/21
Implementing Novel Solutions for Promoting Cultural Change In Geoscience Research & Education (INSPIRE) 11/1/22 10/31/27
Implementation Grant: Implementing Novel Solutions for Promoting Cultural Change In Geoscience Research and Education (INSPIRE) 11/1/22 10/31/27
National Deep Submergence Facility (2022-2026) 6/1/22 8/31/27
Data Services in Support of Marine Geoscience Research: Preservation, Synthesis and Access 8/1/23 7/31/26
Developing Dynamic Habitat-Based Ecological Decision Support Tools and Data to Characterize Deepwater Habitats LDEO component (LIS Mapping Phase 4B- Part 1) 3/3/23 9/30/24
Sediment Sampling for Long Island Sound Mapping Project Phase III Part A (Acoustic Survey) 1/31/23 3/31/24
Girl Talk: Engaging Diverse Young Women in Ocean Mapping 1/1/23 12/31/23