Vincent Moron

Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI),


Only select publications listed below
Name Published Date
Subseasonal-to-interannual variability of rainfall over New Caledonia (SW Pacific) 2016
Weather types across the Maritime Continent: from the diurnal cycle to interannual variations 2015
Diurnal Cycle in Different Weather Regimes and Rainfall Variability over Borneo Associated with ENSO 2012
Impact of the modulated annual cycle and intraseasonal oscillation on daily-to-interannual rainfall variability across monsoonal India 2012
Interactions among ENSO, the Monsoon, and Diurnal Cycle in Rainfall Variability over Java, Indonesia 2010
Local versus regional-scale characteristics of monsoon onset and post-onset rainfall over Indonesia 2010
Components of rainy seasons’ variability in Equatorial East Africa: onset, cessation, rainfall frequency and intensity 2009
Seasonal predictability of daily rainfall statistics over Indramayu district, Indonesia 2009
Spatial Coherence and Seasonal Predictability of Monsoon Onset over Indonesia 2009
Spatio-temporal variability and predictability of summer monsoon onset over the Philippines 2009
Weather Types and Rainfall over Senegal. Part II: Downscaling of GCM Simulations 2008
Weather Types and Rainfall over Senegal. Part I: Observational Analysis 2008
Spatial Coherence of Tropical Rainfall at the Regional Scale 2007
Seasonal Predictability and Spatial Coherence of Rainfall Characteristics in the Tropical Setting of Senegal 2006
Translating climate forecasts into agricultural terms: advances and challenges 2006