The Climate School at Columbia University is committed to its goal of international education and its mission to develop and inspire knowledge-based solutions to educate future leaders, and a climate literate population, for just and prosperous societies on a healthy planet. The Earth Network: Climate Education for a Resilient Future aims to address the urgent need for climate education and empowerment through education co-development and partnerships. We convene and foster connections and collaborations amongst the existing and ongoing efforts on public and K-12, non-formal and informal climate education approaches across Columbia University and in the worldwide communities engaged by our researchers and educators. We will also take a life-long learning approach and will focus on all ages as we expand our network. In doing so, our Earth Network will help identify, map, and establish a database of ongoing and active programs, partners and collaborators, best practices, as well as developed products, resources, and tools. By sharing ideas and recognizing overlaps and gaps, Earth Network members can better co-develop and apply ideas for research and funding proposals to scale and expand our reach with policy and practice.


Network Head(s)

Name Title Email
Van Geen, Alexander Lamont Research Professor avangeen@ldeo.columbia.edu
Kruczkiewicz, Andrew Senior Staff Associate II ajk2207@columbia.edu
Curtis, Ashley Senior Staff Associate II aec2107@columbia.edu
Shin, Haein Education Technical Adviser hs2587@columbia.edu
Verdeli, Helen Associate Professor of Psychology and Education verdeli@tc.columbia.edu
Schlegelmilch, Jeffrey Director js4645@columbia.edu
Scherling, Laura Director, M.S. Program for Applied Analytics lss2165@columbia.edu
DiSera, Laurel PhD Student lad2192@columbia.edu
Vasquez, Leticia Director, College Acess Program, The Roger Lehecka Double Discovery Center, Barnard College lv2452@columbia.edu
Turrin, Margie Senior Staff Associate II mkt@ldeo.columbia.edu
Pizmony-Levy, Oren Associate Professor of International and Comparative Education op2183@tc.columbia.edu
Merchant, Rashawn Lecturer rkm2151@columbia.edu
Parks, Robbie Assistant Professor (tenure track) rmp2198@columbia.edu
Newton, Robert Lecturer bnewton@ldeo.columbia.edu
Wells, Sasha Executive Director, The Roger Lehecka Doble Discovery Center, Barnard College smw2183@columbia.edu

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