M.S. in Sustainability Science

This program is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in technical aspects of sustainability, helping organizations better understand, predict, and address environmental impacts. Ideal candidates have an undergraduate degree in science, engineering, math or related fields. Graduates will be skilled in the practical application of scientific skills and tools to address sustainability issues and become leaders in their fields. There are full- and part-time options for those with current professional obligations.


Name Title Email
Subramaniam, Ajit Lamont Research Professor ajit@ldeo.columbia.edu
Van Geen, Alexander Lamont Research Professor avangeen@ldeo.columbia.edu
de Sherbinin, Alexander Director, Senior Research Scientist, and Manager, NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) amd155@columbia.edu
Yan, Beizhan Lamont Associate Research Professor by2142@columbia.edu
Bostick, Benjamin Lamont Research Professor bb2461@columbia.edu
Linsley, Braddock Lamont Research Professor blinsley@ldeo.columbia.edu
Buckley, Brendan Lamont Research Professor bmb@ldeo.columbia.edu
Precht, Chandler Director, External Affairs and Communications, Graduate Programs in Sustainability Management & Science cip2113@columbia.edu
Ip, Cindy Program Manager, M.S. Sustainability Management and M.S. Sustainability Science ci2188@columbia.edu
Goldberg, David Deputy Director; Paros Lamont Research Professor in Climate Science Research and Carbon Management; Associate Director goldberg@ldeo.columbia.edu
Garvey, Ed Lecturer eag109@columbia.edu
Lev, Einat Lamont Associate Research Professor el2545@columbia.edu
Nitsche, Frank Senior Research Scientist fnitsche@ldeo.columbia.edu
Paul, Gerry gerrypaul@me.com
Davis, James Lamont Research Professor jld2169@columbia.edu
Williams, John Director, Student Affairs and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) jew2159@columbia.edu
Hollander, Jonathan Lecturer jh4249@columbia.edu
Csorba, Lili Program Manager lcc2183@columbia.edu
Tedesco, Marco Lamont Research Professor mt3102@columbia.edu
Gray, Maria Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability Management and Science mlg17@columbia.edu
Previdi, Michael Lamont Associate Research Professor mp2609@columbia.edu
Newton, Robert Lecturer bnewton@ldeo.columbia.edu
Chillrud, Steven Lamont Research Professor chilli@ldeo.columbia.edu
Camargo, Suzana Marie Tharp Lamont Research Professor sjc71@columbia.edu
Wu, Yutian Lamont Associate Research Professor yw2225@columbia.edu