Dr. Lynnette Widder

Professor of Professional Practice, M.S. in Sustainability Management, School of Professional Studies


Lynnette Widder is Professor of Practice in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. Her funded research includes work on urban diaspora and non-cultivated plant life (Columbia World Projects and the Center for the Study of Social Difference), sustainable bauxite mining in West Africa (UNDP and Earth Frontiers), earth construction and its environmental implications (SPS and GSAPP), and innovation in climate change conceptualization and communication (the Climate School Earth Networks). She is the author of Year Zero to Economic Miracle: Hans Schwippert and Sep Ruf in Postwar West German Building Culture (gta Verlag, 2022) and co-authored Architecture Live Projects: Pedagogy into Practice (Routledge, 2014) and Ira Rakatansky: As Modern as Tomorrow (William Stout, 2010). Her non-fiction writing has appeared in the Oxonian Review, Daidalos, Bauwelt, Architecture, Manifest, Kritische Berichte, the Journal of Industrial Ecology, and The Social Science Journal; and her fiction, in Northwest Review, Blue White and Camera Obscura. She helped to ensure the legacy of Japanese-American architect Kaneji Domoto and curated three exhibitions in New York City, Purchase and Atlanta as well as winning awards for her renovation of his Lurie House. Her work has received funding from the Mellon Foundation, the AIA New York Center for Architecture, the Graham Foundation, the German Academic Exchange (DAAD), Fulbright, and the UN Development Programme in Guinea; and has held fellowships from the Institute for Ideas and Imagination in Paris and MacDowell. The work of her architectural office, aardvarchitecture, has been published in the US, Europe, China and Australia.


Apr 17, 2024

In New Jersey’s Ancient Rocks, Hunting for Clues to an Earthquake in 2024

Geologists are combing the New Jersey countryside for signs of earthquakes past and present.

Apr 17, 2024

Columbia Beautiful Planet 2024

Each year, we honor Earth Day by sharing some amazing photos celebrating the beauty and magic of our planet from our campuses to the far corners of the world as captured by the Columbia community.


Only select projects listed below
Name Start Date End Date
Community-Based Environmental Impact Tracking for Bauxite Mining in Guinea 1/1/20 12/31/21



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